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   Chapter 874 Chess Piece (Part One)

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"I'm just a chess piece?"

Zen asked in bewilderment.

"Right, the greatest era of this world has begun! Many talents have appeared in this world, but it is you who have the fate to lead the world of chaos. As long as you do not die, you will inevitably become the main character of this great world!" Lavender said, her face serious.

Zen had always had trouble understanding the great world of chaos.

Both the cyan dragon and Mist were keeping this matter a secret from him. Every time they spoke of a crucial point pertaining to it, they broke off, unwilling to continue talking about it. Even Zen, with his access to their conversations, was unable to understand the whole truth.

"The beginning of a new great world? What does it mean?" Zen asked again.

Lavender threw him an annoyed look. "Don't you see that there are many geniuses in this era? Even within this boundless world, there are countless talents that appear out of the blue. Moreover, there are over a million boundless worlds and many Upper Worlds with talents beyond count."

Zen nodded in agreement as he heard what she had to say.

Zen had come across all sorts of geniuses on his way from the Cloud Sect.

The Cloud Sect was only a small second-grade sect. It was always rare to see a warrior master the successful sword intent in the All Peaks Competition. And no swordsman had ever gained the consummate sword intent. But last time, two such talents had appeared in the All Peaks Competition that was held in the Cloud Sect. One was Zen, and the other was Rocher.

In addition to the Cloud Sect, all sorts of divine-level talents had appeared in the later Martial Arts Contest that had taken place because of the Dragon Soar Arena.

According to the distribution of talents in the Central Region, as long as a divine-level genius didn't meet his downfall, he could be destined to enter the Soul Sea Realm. But in all these years, not a single Soul Sea Realm master had appeared in the Central Region.

So it wasn't just Zen who felt it strange. Members of the other sects in the Central Region were also wondering what was going on in this world.

Lavender's explanation helped Zen f

cyan dragon said flatly.

"What I care about is not benefit," Zen said seriously. "Moreover, Lavender, you have saved my life so many times as my sword spirit! I can't promise you too much, but if I can do anything for you in the future, I will help you!"

Lavender's previously gloomy face lit up at Zen's words, as if a ray of light was shining directly on her. She stared at him before lowering her head and saying, "Thank you."

Zen smiled slightly and said teasingly, "But you are still my sword spirit. You can't possibly continue to be my sword spirit and be attached to my body all the time, right?"

"I will find a way to reconstruct my body, but I can't do it right now," Lavender said after a moment's thought.

It was inconvenient for Lavender to do many things, since she was just a sword spirit at the moment. But her advantage was obvious. She could recover even if she were chopped into pieces. And as long as Zen did not die, she would not die.

But she could only hide within Zen's body. If she ever came out of Zen's body and revealed herself, she would have to be near Zen.

Reconstructing her body, on the other hand, was not a simple matter. Whether there was a chance for her to do so depended solely on her luck.

Lavender realized something suddenly and said to Zen, "Isn't your biggest goal to save your sister? I can order Amber to bring the Demon Night members to the Central Region to help you kill Eddie."

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