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   Chapter 873 Two Bitches

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Now it was just Zen and his sword spirit in the empty palace.

The innate queen's aura slowly vanished from Lavender's body. Now she was like an ordinary young member of the Demon Night.

After Lavender had spoken in the Tower of Sin, there hadn't been much interaction between her and Zen.

He thought for a while before asking, "The weapon on this statue is a spear, so why is it that your sword was stuck in the Killing Sword Mountain?"

"That is the Heavenly Fate, the holy spear of my clan. Before I turned 18, I was a swordsman," Lavender replied.

So that explained it!

Lavender's simple answer immediately solved the mystery in Zen's mind.

If Lavender was the queen of the Demon Night, then she should be able to climb the peak of the mountain with her powers. Surely she wouldn't just insert her sword halfway up the Killing Sword Mountain.

Zen had assumed that when she had attained the Consummate Sword Intent, her cultivation level was not very high, and therefore, she couldn't reach the mountaintop.

"But why did you become like this..."

Before Zen could complete his question, Lavender interrupted him. "There's no need to ask. You'll know in a while," she said without any emotion.

She walked towards the azure blue statue and raised her hand. A faint ray of light emitted from her hand and a strange rune appeared in the light. She then slammed it down hard on the statue!


The statue glowed with a brilliant blue light.

Zen's eyes had been baptized by the sap of the divine tree, so he was able to see the changes on the statue clearly despite the blinding blue light.

"This is…"

Zen's eyes were wide open. The statue seemed to be alive! She blinked her eyes a few times and the blue light gradually dimmed. Then, a faint smile appeared on her face.

"Lavender must be communicating with another queen of the Demon Night," he guessed. It was possible that the many sacred places of the Demon Night in the Lower World maintained contact with the Upper World through these three statues.

This method was very useful. Although the Upper World might not be able to transfer its resources to the Lower World, it could at least convey classified information to the Lower World, such as refinement techniques, through these statues.

Was Lavender seeking the help of another queen?

But that notion was dispelled when Zen heard Lavender speak to the statue in an unbelievably audacious tone. "Bitch, you didn't expect me to still be alive, right?" Lavender mocked.

"Ha-ha-ha!" The statue seemed to be alive as she covered her mouth and laughed. "Yo

till spoke, "Then I'll be waiting for you. You bloody…"


The black sword smashed the remaining half of the statue's head into pieces. Lavender stabbed the sword heavily into the ground. Her anger dissipated and she looked at Zen miserably.

Zen stood there agape. He really didn't know what to say.

After a while, Zen asked, "You, you came here just to fight with her, didn't you?"

Lavender nodded. "Yes!" she admitted frankly.

Hearing their squabble, Zen was certain that Lavender had come here looking for a fight, but he had never heard of such a bizarre way of fighting.

"But…" Zen threw up his hands and looked at Lavender's face. He wanted to say something to comfort her, but he didn't know what had happened between Lavender and that woman.

"You'll help me, won't you?" Lavender stared blankly at Zen. This was the first time she had ever asked him for a favor.

This was an internal conflict of the Demon Night. It was definitely not a good idea for Zen to get involved.

The Demon Night race wasn't inferior to the Genuine Dragon.

The three statues in front of him were the queens of the Demon Night, and their strength was beyond anything Zen could imagine.

"I'm afraid I'm not strong enough," Zen replied, shaking his head.

Although he had just stepped into the war general level, he was obviously not powerful enough. Not to mention the queen responsible for punishments, even Amber of the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place and many other warriors of the Soul Sea Realm could crush him with a single finger.

Lavender stared at Zen and said, "It's true that you're not powerful enough now, but you are the most important chess piece in this game and will eventually return to your position!"

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