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   Chapter 872 Statues

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Warriors at the Soul Sea Realm were at the top across the world.

When one reached the Life and Death Realm or became a war sage, they could threaten the stability of the word if they continued to increase their cultivation. They would encounter crises that would be matters of life and death.

A life and death crisis was actually a punishment to someone posed by the world when it was threatened by him or her.

Once warriors reached the Soul Sea Realm, the punishments posed by the world could no longer hold them back, given their utmost strength. This was exactly why these warriors were expelled from this world and sent to the Upper World.

However, there were conditions that had to be met for a warrior at the Soul Sea Realm to go to the Upper World. Amber's talent was amazing, and she had only spent two hundred years trying to reach the Soul Sea Realm from being a nature creature. There was still a long time for her to go to the Upper World.

The holy tree began to shake once Zen and Lavender had descended upon the thick trunk.

The holy tree was as large as a castle, and when it shook, it felt like there was an earthquake. Amber knelt down on one knee before Lavender and said in a respectful manner, "Welcome, my queen."

Lavender nodded indifferently, the fact that a warrior at the Soul Sea Realm was bowing before her making no change to her expression. It was as if she took it as a matter of course.

Other powerful warriors at the Soul Sea Realm followed Amber and knelt down in unison before Lavender, along with the other war sages of the Demon Night.

There were over a hundred thousand members of the Demon Night kneeling at the same time on the holy tree.

Every Demon Night member was looking at Lavender with an incomparable piety.

The three queens of the Demon Night were supremely looked up to by all of the members. In millions of Lower Worlds, there were countless sacred places belonging to the Demon Night, dedicated to them. But the three queens rarely visited the sacred places in person.

Everyone belonging to the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place was overjoyed to see Lavender visiting their sacred place.

The holy tree shook even more violently as its thick branches continued to swing. Zen could feel immense attraction to the holy tree, causing his feet to become firmly attached to it. No matter how hard the holy tree shook, he wouldn't be thrown down.

As the holy tree continued to shake, clear veins began to be seen on its branches. Beams of green light flowed through the veins and converged on the trunk of the holy tree. The green light rose along

t was a woman wielding a murderous meteor hammer and was giving off a light blue light. It was hard to imagine the Demon Night using such a barbaric and cruel weapon.

"She is the queen of punishment," Cheryl clarified.

"Oh that explains it," Zen said, turning to look at the last statue.

The last one was red, but the only difference was that the red light it was bathed in was very dim. It was far from being as dazzling as the lights that brightened the other two queens' statues.

The third statue looked exactly like Lavender.

'No wonder the members of the Demon Night were able to recognize Lavender as one of their queens in just a glance. It's true that she looks exactly the same, ' Zen thought to himself. But why was the statue holding a spear in its hand?

Wasn't Lavender using a sword?

Back then, Zen had accidentally obtained a sword spirit after entering the Killing Sword Mountain. The only place where Zen and Lavender had communicated was the Killing Sword Mountain.

Since Lavender had entered the Killing Sword Mountain, she must be using a sword since she had already comprehended the consummate sword intent. But the statue showed that her weapon was a spear, not a sword.

Zen was puzzled, and was just trying to figure things out when Lavender stopped in front of her statue, turned around, and said, "All of you can leave. Zen, stay behind. No one is allowed to enter the palace. It's an order."

As Zen's sword spirit, she couldn't stay too far away from him. So naturally, Zen had to stay behind.

"Yes, my queen. No one is allowed to approach the palace without your order," Amber nodded and quickly retreated from the palace, taking along Esther and the other warriors at the Soul Sea Realm.

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