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   Chapter 871 Amber (Part Two)

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This was really lively!

Shaking his head, Zen pulled out the Lucky Light from his token and slowly began to refine it.

Boris and Cheryl were the strongest among the level ten war generals. Both of them hadn't lost any of their previous battles, so there was an awful lot of Lucky Light stored in their tokens.

When Zen drew out the Lucky Light, the blazing white light was unimaginably thick.

'With so much Lucky Light, I should be able to make a breakthrough!'

When he thought of this, the life vitality within his body suddenly revolved and traces of life vitality continuously refined the Lucky Light, pouring it into his body.

Three days later, Zen left the training chamber. Cheryl, who was standing in front of the training chamber, gave him a broad smile.

The Demon Night members were waiting for Zen to come out.

Of course, what they wanted to see wasn't Zen himself but the sword spirit in his body, which was also their queen Lavender.

Zen nodded and said to Cheryl, "We can set off now."

Although Zen was short on time, he had to take Lavender to the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place since he had already agreed to it.

Moreover, there was still quite a bit of time before the Dark Nether Cave would open. Even if Zen wanted to return to the Central Region, he would have to wait until he entered the Dark Nether Cave and obtained the inheritance inside it. So, he still had plenty of time.

Under Cheryl's lead, Zen returned to the first floor of the Tower of Sin. After waiting at the entrance for a while, Esther, the strongest of the seat owners, brought two top-level war lords over.

They all left the Tower of Sin together and headed south of the Cursed Land.

Flying was forbidden within the Cursed Land. Whoever tried to fly would be pressed down to the ground by a horrible force. Zen had experienced this before when he first entered the Cursed Land. So, everyone could only travel on foot.

Still, with their speed, they covered quite a distance within just a few hours. Soon, a large transmission array appeared in front of them.

Cheryl rushed forward first and took out several life vitality crystals from her pocket. Then, she placed them on the transmission array. Once the life vitality crystals were placed, the entire transmission array erupted with light.

"Go in." Esther nodded at Zen.

Zen immediately stepped into the

d had a lot of Lucky Light, she'd never attempted to refine it and always remained a war general. It had been as if she would never improve herself.

He hadn't expected the Yolandes he had seen to be just clones.

With so many clones cultivating separately and then being recollected together, how terrifying would Yolande become?

It was hard for Zen to imagine. He could only marvel at the wonders of the world. There were simply too many talents in the Upper World to think of such an incredible method of cultivation.

The speed of their travel was naturally many times higher now that they were flying rather than walking. Although the holy tree looked very far, everyone was able to reach it within five minutes.

The members of the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place had received news of their queen's arrival in advance. Many of them were waiting on top of the huge holy tree.

A crimson carpet was laid out along the thick trunk of the tree. At the end of the carpet stood a woman dressed in purple.

Even though Zen and the woman were tens of thousands of feet apart, Zen could still feel the aura that she was emitting.

The aura wasn't overbearing but it gave off an incomparably heavy feeling, even much stronger than those of the ogre war sages and Eddie, who was at the Life and Death Realm.

Staring at the woman's figure, Zen had already guessed her identity. This woman was the leader of the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place. She was also one of the powerful warriors at the Soul Sea Realm. She was none other than Amber. Zen had seen her name on the Talent Tablet.

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