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   Chapter 870 Amber (Part One)

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Esther shot Zen a meaningful look.

With Zen's mysterious ways, he didn't even need the help of the Demon Night; the ogres wouldn't be able to do anything to him.

At this moment, Esther couldn't help thinking about how fortunate it was that Zen was close to Lavender. It was precisely because of this that the Demon Night didn't have any enmity with him.

But even if the Demon Night and the ogres joined forces, they wouldn't be able to go up against Zen in the Tower of Sin.

Esther's gaze finally stopped on Maurice as she said coldly, "Maurice, do you still want to kill Zen now?"

Maurice's eyes twitched as he pulled a long face. After a long while, he spat out, "Let's go!"

Without the two war sages, the ogres didn't have any advantage over the Demon Night. Furthermore, there was also Zen to deal with. Since even the war sages hadn't been able to defeat him, there was no point in the top-level war lords fighting against him.

The ogre war lords turned around and prepared to leave with Maurice.

Meanwhile, Malcom was staring intently at Zen. Zen was a mere level ten war fighter, and Malcom had thought that he could kill him effortlessly. However, he had just seen Zen get rid of the two ogre war sages. If they didn't kill Zen while he was still young, he would become a huge threat to the ogres in the future.

But how could they kill him?

No one could give Malcom an answer. He had interpreted the smile on Zen's face as an indication that he was trying his best to remain calm. But now he realized that Zen was smiling because he was confident of himself.

In the end, Malcom could only grit his teeth and follow Maurice.

Some of the warriors had enough foresight to understand that the situation in the Tower of Sin was going to change. It was likely that the 128 seats on the top floor of the tower would be reshuffled.

The ogres' bodies were as large as mountains. After they left, the tenth floor seemed somewhat empty.

Only then did Esther ask, "Zen, how did you do it?"

Zen had thrown the two war sages out of the Tower of Sin without so much as lifting a finger, and the war sages hadn't even had the strength to fight back. Esther couldn't figure it out.

"Don't ask," Lavender said flatly.

Hearing Lavender's words, Esther immediately n

suffered, and even the Purple Heart Sacred Place would have been affected. The ogres would have taken the opportunity to completely wipe out the humans' sacred place. For the two ogres' sacred places, this wasn't a difficult matter. As long as they could deal with the elders at the Soul Sea Realm in the Purple Heart Sacred Place, it would be enough.

"I'll go to the Purple Heart Sacred Place, but before that, I have to go to the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place. Just wait for me," Zen promised with a smile.

Fabian and Jarrod smiled back at Zen in gratitude. It was unprecedented for war lords to be so grateful toward a war fighter.

The two of them clearly understood the meaning behind Zen's words. Since he had already achieved this much, he would be bringing the human race along with him as he rose to power. Although only two ogre war sages had died today, they believed that in the near future, the entire Tower of Sin would be reshuffled.

Zen turned around and left, heading to the living area. He wanted to rent a training room to refine the Lucky Light.

Looking at his retreating figure, Olivia wanted to say something, but decided otherwise.

As Zen sat quietly in the secret chamber, a smile appeared on his face.

He suddenly realized how crowded his body was. Not only were there nine Genuine Dragons lurking in his mind, but there was also a huge furnace with an unknown origin. The sword spirit in his body was actually one of the queens of the Demon Night and she still had her own consciousness.

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