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   Chapter 869 Adoration

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The two war sages charged toward the door of the Tower of Sin at an extremely fast speed.

Even though the door of the tower wasn't opened yet, the two war sages had already pushed the forceful energy in their bodies to the limit. Just what sort of impact was there going to be?

They were going fast enough to form a big hole in the wall of the tower, let alone the door.


As expected, the door of the tower was instantly smashed into pieces and the two war sages charged into the first floor.

Aside from those on the tenth floor and above, the war fighters and generals below were completely unaware of what was happening.

On the first floor of the tower, a fierce battle was currently taking place.

A war fighter from the Night Group was battling with a war fighter from the Giant.

The war fighter of the Night Group was skilled at assassination in concealment, so his movements were extremely agile. He circled around his opponent, waiting for an opportunity to strike a deadly blow.

However, the war fighter from the Giant brandished a black iron rod, protecting himself thoroughly without leaving any room for his opponent to attack him.

As the two war fighters sized each other up, everyone watching them suddenly heard a heaven-shaking sound coming from the door. They turned and saw two ogres standing in the hall on the first floor of the tower.

Fear appeared in the eyes of all the creatures as they stared at the ogres.

"How strong are these two ogres? Why can't I see through them?"

"They seem to be ogre war lords."

"No. Two years ago, I met a top-level ogre war lord, but he didn't give me this much pressure. These two ogres are probably war sages."

"Bullshit! How can war sages enter the Cursed Land? As soon as they step into the Cursed Land, they will be killed by the curse!"

The war fighters on the first floor discussed seriously among themselves as they looked at the two ogre war sages.

Neil and Colin had exhausted too much forceful energy just now. They were war sages, and their bodies had been stimulated by body refining techniques and were incomparably strong, but they were panting heavily now.

"So, so close…" Neil heaved.

"The Cursed Land isn't as powerful as we thought." Colin turned to look at Neil, and a mixture of shock and fear appeared on his face. Pointing at Neil, he stammered, "You, you…"

"What's wrong?" There was a puzzled expression on Neil's face, but it soon turned into terror.

Large black spots began appearing on their faces. Some of the spots split open and black pus flowed out.

The curse was finally beginning to show its power.

The bodies of the two war sages suddenly be

to face them, giving the ogres an overwhelming advantage.

Never had they imagined that Zen would use some strange method to expel the two war sages from the Tower of Sin.

Without a doubt, this scene would become a nightmare that would be repeatedly played in the minds of the top-level ogre war lords.

As for Fabian and Jarrod, the two top-level war lords of the human race, they had extremely excited expressions on their faces now.

Zen was revealing his cards one by one, shocking them time and again. Every time they saw Zen pull a mind blowing stunt, it would take them some time and effort to finally manage to accept it, but Zen would follow it up with an even bigger miracle.

In fact, many people, including Fabian, Jarrod, Olivia, and Dylon, had been shocked by Zen so many times that they almost felt numb now.

Even if someone were to come and tell them that Zen was the savior sent by the heavens to save them, they would accept it numbly because they no longer knew what to think.

No one had imagined that the ogres would send two war sages, but Zen had defeated them as easily as falling off a log. Who else but him could be the savior?

In a corner of the arena, Olivia's eyes were filled with tears. Zen had become the only man in her heart. He was perfect!

She had already loved Zen, but now, the affection in her heart had been replaced by adoration.

Before long, the people that Esther and Maurice had sent to the upper floors to collect information returned.

After they reported what had happened through their life vitality, Esther's face revealed a faint smile. As for Maurice, his face was filled with dejection.

Although the two of them didn't announce the fate of the ogre war sages out loud, their expressions clearly showed everything.

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