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   Chapter 868 Get Out Of Here

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The current situation was extremely disadvantageous for both the Demon Night and Zen himself.

The number of the Demon Night war lords at top level was lower than that of the ogre war lords, but because of the powerful individuals in the Demon Night, the overall strength of the Demon Night members was higher than the strength of the ogres.

However, the sudden appearance of two ogre war sages put both the Demon Night and the human race at an absolute disadvantage.

But even in such a situation, Zen dared to berate the ogres in a brazen manner. Upon seeing that, all the living creatures wondered whether Zen had gone crazy.

The smiles on Colin's and Neil's faces gradually faded away. The smiles of the ogre war lords at top level also disappeared.

Today could be considered the day of the ogres' showdown with other races.

Since two ogre war sages had appeared in the Tower of Sin, the power of the ogres had greatly increased.

Although the two ogre sacred places couldn't threaten the Demon Night's Heavenly Feather Sacred Place outside the Cursed Land, no race in the Tower of Sin could resist the ogres.

"The superhuman talent, Zen?" Separated by the crowd of Demon Night war lords, Colin let out a sinister laugh. "Do you think you can do anything you want just because you have the protection of the Demon Night? Or are your eyes so blinded by others that you're not able to see the situation unfold?"

At this moment, even Esther and the other top-level war lords of the Demon Night had indignant expressions for Zen.

They had no choice but to put their lives at risk to protect Zen for their queen. Lavender was still in the form of a sword spirit following Zen around, but the current situation was completely out of control. Esther was wondering about the price they'd have to pay to protect Zen.

After the words Zen had just uttered, it was going to be very difficult for them to deal with this situation and wind this matter up.

The appearance of the two ogre war sages meant that the authority over the Tower of Sin was in the hands of the ogres.

Fabian secretly asked Jarrod through his life vitality, "What the hell is this guy doing? He shouldn't be such a stupid person!"

"Could it be that Zen has someone else to rely on?" Jarrod was also confused because he couldn't figure out the reason why Zen was acting this way.

Olivia was the only one who stared at Zen with a gleam in her eyes. She was certain that Zen had some kind of trump card up his sleeve.

By now, she had already guessed that the appearance of the Demon Night named Lavender was completely beyond Zen's expectation. But Lavender wasn't Zen's trump card.

So what was his real trump card? Could it be that his real trump card was so strong that Zen wasn't even afraid of the ogre war sages?

Olivia couldn't figure it out but she knew that there was no need for her to overthink it. She knew that Zen could turn the situation around no matter what.

"Zen, don't spout nonsense!" For the sake of the Demon Night's queen, Esther controlled her temper and turned to the ogres. "Colin, Neil, I don't care how you entered

been able to get their names placed on the first row? Except for Yolande and Zen, there was no one else.

Zen had even been admitted to the Celestial Position.

It wasn't an easily obtainable honor.

The two invisible hands continued dragging the two ogre war sages toward the crack. As for Maurice, Malcom, and the other top-level ogre war lords, they could only watch in horror.

At this point, there seemed to be nothing they could do.

It would be fine if the two large hands were dragging two top-level war lords. They would be thrown out of the Tower of Sin, but they wouldn't be harmed at all if they entered the Cursed Land.

However, once the war sages entered the Cursed Land, they would definitely die.

Everyone held their breath as they watched the two ogre war sages being thrown out of the Tower of Sin.

The entire tower was buried deep in the ground, so there were layers of soil outside of the tenth floor. The invisible large hands dragged the two war sages out of the tower and then continued to drag them upward.

In the end, the war sages broke through the thick layer of earth and ended up on the surface.

Colin and Neil stood by the side of the Tower of Sin and glanced at each other, fear and trepidation appearing on their faces.

The two ogre war sages who had been extremely proud of themselves just moments ago now felt the God of Death slowly approaching them.

"Charge in!"

As long as they entered the Tower of Sin, they would still have a chance of survival. The power of the curse wouldn't appear instantly.

With that thought, they activated all the forceful energy in their bodies and charged toward the door of the Tower of Sin.

The two giant guards at the door saw two blobs of light quickly approaching them. The power that exploded out of those lights was so massive that the guards didn't dare to stand by the door anymore. They hurriedly ran to the side and watched the scene unfold in front of them.

Although Colin and Neil were moving at a high speed, many black spots had already appeared on the surface of their bodies.

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