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   Chapter 867 A Grave Silence (Part Three)

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However, for war sages and Soul Sea Realm masters, they were baits and could end their lives.

Back then, many war sages and a small number of Soul Sea Realm masters from different races ended up dead in the Cursed Land. This resulted in they being duped and sweet-talked to enter the transmission arrays. That was how they perished.

Later it had become an unwritten rule on the Sea God Continent that both war sages and Soul Sea Realm masters didn't use transmission arrays. Nothing prepared them to what they would encounter if they randomly entered any transmission array. They had to be extra cautious, since not refraining from entering the transmission array that led them to the Cursed Land was dangerous. They would encounter a shameful death.

In front of them were the two war sages who suddenly appeared in the Tower of Sin. Lots of top-level war lords who witnessed stood in disbelief.

There were tests that were carried out by the Demon Night and ogre race earlier on.

They had tried to make their top-level war lords break through to the next level directly in the Tower of Sin!

There was a curse. Anyone who fought in the Cursed Land would suffer the consequences. The effect was death. Such barriers didn't exist in the Tower of Sin. This led to races figuring out that if war sages and Soul Sea Realm masters were not allowed to enter the Tower of Sin, would it work if war lords made the breakthrough in the Tower of Sin and became war sages there? Would the whole process elude them from the punishment?

The result was surprising.

The curse never inflicted any casualty at first. Those martial artist who managed to become war sages in the Tower of Sin were not eliminated by the curse. However, that was short lived. After they promoted themselves to war sages and stayed in the Tower of Sin for ten days, the effects of the curse were seen since one after the other newly-turned war sages died.

Perhaps it was because they were in the Tower of Sin, those who completed their breakthrough and became war sages in the Tower of Sin did not die immediately. While those war sages who had directly rushed into the Cursed Land almost died a miserable death right on the spot in an instant. The few war sages who reached the new level from the top-level war lords in the Tower of Sin had a chronic death. Their body would fester and start rotting gradually. They would suffer all kinds of pain and finally die in agony.

That experience frightened the top-level war lords of any race. The thought of that held them back from breaking through in the Tower of Sin. Instead, they opted to leave the Tower of Sin and the Cursed Land when they planned to make a breakthrough. They wen

n, the situation for the ogre race declined. After Amber appeared, the black horse led the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place to soar to the top. For the past hundred years, whether it was outside of the Cursed Land or inside the Tower of Sin, the Demon Night had been suppressing the ogres wherever they went.

Although the ogres were extremely annoyed, they didn't have any way to change the situation. Most of time, they could only bear with it and swallow the pain.

Everything was turned around. Today. The two ogre war sages were present in the Tower of Sin!

A war sage was so mighty that it could sweep through the entire Tower of Sin. Considering the strongest martial artist in the Tower of Sin was only a top-level war lord, the two mighty war sages with the ogres meant super powerful combination.

The powerful collaboration of ogre war sages and ogre war lords implied that the Tower of Sin would be under control of the ogres again.

Zen was so pissed off by the hysterical laughter of the ogre top-level war lords and the two war sages. How could they dare laugh especially on this critical situation? Zen suddenly shook his head with a bored look. He took a deep breath, then infused his life vitality into his chest and suddenly shouted out loud, "What is so funny that you two dunderheads are laughing about? What's so special about being war sages?"

The ogre top-level war lords and the two war sages only laughed in a hasty manner. They did not use their forceful energy when they laughed to intimidate the crowd, while Zen had infused life vitality when he shouted. So his loud voice instantly drowned out all the laughter.

There was a grave silence on the tenth floor of the Tower of Sin. One would think there was no one present. This was after Zen ended uttering his words.

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