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   Chapter 866 A Grave Silence (Part Two)

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Glancing at Maurice, Esther Ling stood up and declared, "Long live our queen. Our lives are her majesty's. Maurice, it's not a harsh task for you to have a second opinion before passing a hasty decision."

The Demon Night had grown in power over the past few years and had already surpassed the Flaming Ogre Sacred Place and Dread Ogre Sacred Place. However, this race was not violent or bloodthirsty. So when facing the overbearing ogre race, they had always chosen to tolerate them. As long as the ogre race wasn't doing something out of the way, the Demon Night wouldn't push them too much.

But today the case was different. The queen Lavender's presence changed everything. The Demon Night didn't give in to their woes. Their queen meant everything and Elder Mei had told Malcom that if that meant eliminating Flaming Ogre Sacred Place and Dread Ogre Sacred Place at all costs, they would gladly do so.

Maurice had to act fast as there were so many roadblocks on the way. It was now or never to get rid of Zen, who by all channels was consistently one step ahead of him. This was the only option he had considering Esther Ling was present with other Demon Night war lords. "Esther Ling, our ogre race will heartily give up five seats in exchange for the life of that lowlife Zen."

Five seats being granted voluntarily in exchange for Zen was an immense privilege and a walk in the park.

The ogres had twenty-six seats in the Tower of Sin, while the Demon Night had sixteen. If both parties came to a truce and the offer was to be accepted, then both sides would have an equal number of seats, with each having twenty-one seats.

Having the gate pass to the Dark Nether Cave was a mouthwatering chance. Various races had been contemplating for this chance, and gaining one more seat meant that they had five more qualifications to get in the Dark Nether Cave.

The humans had struggled for so many years, yet they only had four seats. But now, the ogres just offered five seats to the Demon Night. This was equivalent to slicing a big bunch of meat off the ogre race, which was already a huge concession. And this concession was made only for the exchange of Zen's life.

Fabian and Jarrod always freaked out and Maurice's offer made them agitated.

The deal was too good for Demon Night to resist.


ges! War sages appeared in the Tower of Sin!" in the midst, one yelled out. This was like bumping into a dead man alive.

Seeing those two ogres, Zen's heart suddenly sank. The ogre race could now celebrate as they had strong ones who had reached the level of war sage, and the Demon Night was still in the darkness concerning this issue. How on earth could war sages step into the Cursed Land and enter the Tower of Sin?

Relating to Phoebe's words, this was like a reverie! 'How was this even possible?' Esther Ling thought with her eyes wide open in shock.

According to the hierarchy, the highest ranking in the Sea God Continent was the Soul Sea Realm masters!

Below the Soul Sea Realm were war sages, and down further were war lords, war generals and the hierarchy continued.

There were usually only a few powerful masters in the Soul Sea Realm in each sacred place. The war sages formed the real backbone of the forces.

Tower of Sin had rules. These measures were put from its existence. The rule was that no Soul Sea Realm masters or war sages could enter the Cursed Land. If any of them dared to go against this rule they would perish.

The rule was in place ever since the emergence of Tower of Sin and nothing changed. A particular trend cropped up because of the restrictions imposed on the Cursed Land. All the races decided to create transmission arrays and most of them led to the Cursed Land. To those warriors below the level of war sage, these transmission arrays were nothing more than ordinary transmission arrays!

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