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   Chapter 865 A Grave Silence (Part One)

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Maurice boiled with fury as Zen seemed to have a fighting spirit. He attacked while withdrawing back. No one ever dared to get on his nerves and challenge him. However, these were blows of a dying horse in Maurice's eyes.

"Losers never concede defeat despite their overthrow as they still fight like a cornered wild-monster. This is a futile battle and you are nothing close to a wild beast but an ant that can be simply suppressed and trampled upon. It's of no use putting up a fight."

Maurice was determined to kill Zen whom he thought was the primary source of all the pandemonium. As long as Zen died, the Demon Night would have no connection with human race and would not dare to challenge the ogre race. The enthusiasm of getting rid of Zen stirred up Maurice's psyche. The aftermath of the Demon Night revenging after eliminating Zen together with their queen was less of his interest. After all the ogre race didn't fear them.

There was starlight expelled, and it had been unmistakably clear. This was because of Zen's punch.

Zen's punch was more influential and vigorous despite it being underestimated for a mild punch. The dim light emanated hidden force from the punch. In the real sense it was more energetic than it seemed and it was even more powerful than any common cultivation technique.

"Snap!" Being an ogre, Maurice was full of himself and assumed that he would smash the star radiance of Zen's fist. His hands were masculine, meaning they had tremendous power, but he didn't recognize that he chewed more than he could ingest. His confidence outweighed his capability. According to him, the potential he bore would be abundant to appease his ego while crushing the star radiance.

There was a dazzling light that spurted out of Maurice's right hand. This was way far beyond his inferences, since according to him his energy could beat the star radiance. The dazzling light was initiated when the two fighters' fists struck. The forceful energy emitted from Maurice's hand was immensely strong.

An excruciating intense pain erupted from Maurice's right hand because of the effect of the collision.

His speed slackened. The fellow he assumed way belo

ght of war lords of Demon Night made Maurice's face turn dull. This changed his mood and his high spirits.

According to the ranks, Maurice was the second despite him being considered the high and mighty. The top ranked positions were all seized by the Demon Night, who had a dozen seats in the Tower of Sin. Moreover, they had secured the first place among the one hundred and twenty-eight seats, which meant that the toughest seat holder came from the Demon Night.

Esther Ling was the holder of the first seat and the person who spoke just now.

Esther Ling, with a buoyant attitude, led the war lords of the Demon Night and proceeded towards them. She was confident and had faith in herself. She emitted an aura of tact and poise. Just a moment ago, the aura emitted from Maurice made many of the creatures on the tenth floor feel as if it submerged them in the lava. But now, they could feel vitality and vigor from Esther Ling's aura, as if they were in the spring when the snow had just melted. Everyone felt immediately revived and vigorous.

Esther Ling led the many top-level war lords of the Demon Night to ramble towards Lavender. Her eyes gazed across the group of people before her. Then she went down on one knee and greeted Lavender, "Your majesty!"

All in unison the top-level war lords that followed Esther Ling acted and knelt down.

After glancing at the top-level war lords, Lavender broke her silence and spoke, "Stand up."

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