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   Chapter 864 Ten Top-level War Lords

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The arena had fallen into an eerie silence. No one dared to even breathe in fear of making a sound. They didn't need to speak anyway since their facial expressions were enough to convey their differing thoughts at what had just transpired in front of their very eyes.

Everyone had thought Zen was dead meat the moment he set foot in the arena. Even some of the humans had the same thoughts, too.

The human race had lamented and grieved over the fact that they couldn't protect a talent like Zen. They would've done all they could but the threat of dragging the entire Purple Heart Sacred Place into trouble hung over them. In the end, their weakness forced them to choose the preservation of the sacred place over their treasured talent.

Malcom, on the other hand, had already planned to kill Zen as soon as the battle ended.

As per their way of doing things, once they killed Zen, they would compensate the humans with ten sacred weapons. It didn't matter whether or not the humans agreed since the weapons were nothing but compensation in order to get out of being punished for breaking the rules.

Malcom had originally prepared to take action after Zen had finished the fight with Boris, but Cheryl, who was a divine-level talent in the Demon Night, and also on par with Boris, suddenly came forward and challenged Zen.

This sudden challenge wasn't something any of them expected and this greatly delayed Malcom's plan. However, he comforted himself with the thought that Zen would die sooner or later and this was a sentiment shared, not just by the ogres, but by all other creatures in the tower—including the humans.

However, there was another unexpected twist that suddenly happened. A sword spirit that belonged to the Demon Night suddenly rushed forth from Zen's body and was found out to be the queen of Demon Night.

The appearance of this "queen" completely changed the attitude of the entire race. Their initial plan of standing back and staying on the sidelines was quickly chucked out of the window.

Both Fabian and Jarrod were equally flabbergasted. They really didn't know what was going on!

Previously, the Demon Night had taken a neutral stance. But now they made a decision that was to the human race's advantage. This decision was born from the fact that whether it be in the Tower of Sin or outside the Cursed Land, the Demon Night refused to lose to the ogre race.

This sudden realization made both of them smirk.

"I knew it. I knew it…" Olivia muttered repeatedly, her face red with excitement.

She had noticed that Zen had been exceptionally confident as if everything was right under his control. At first, she was puzzled and couldn't really pinpoint where his confidence stemmed from.

But she now understood. Who would've thought Zen would actually have the queen of Demon Night with him?

However, despite knowing the reason, Olivia couldn't help but feel as if there was still something strange.

Just now, Zen had looked as if he had been caught off-guard when the sword spirit beside him sud

-like aura emitted from Maurice.

"If that brat dies, we will let bygones be bygones," Maurice said.

"Our queen is attached to that human's body so he can't die!" Elder Mei said firmly.

A vicious light flashed in Maurice's eyes. "Is that so? If that's how it's gonna be, then let's fight it out!" His figure immediately dashed forward, avoiding both Elder Mei and Madeline and making his way towards Zen.

"Maurice! How dare you!"


Both Madeline and Elder Mei screamed, their hearts pounding with anxiety as they tried to stop the ogre war lord from touching Zen. They did not think he would act so recklessly since the Demon Night was still a powerful race. They didn't expect him to be this decisive! Just exactly who had his back?

They both asked the puzzling question to themselves as they rushed to stop Maurice.

Could it be that the ogres had acquired some kind of secret weapon? Or maybe they had gotten the backing of some mysterious masters in the Tower of Sin?

Two huge hands were determined to grab him but Zen was undaunted. He hurriedly jumped backward and dodged Maurice's attack. He might be brave but he was not stupid and knew when to fight his battles. Even if Zen refined all the Lucky Light stored in his chest, the most he'd be able to challenge would be a level three or a level four war lord. Maurice was a top-level war lord and the most powerful one at that. He knew he stood no chance against him.

The moment he saw him attack, Zen was quick to retreat back from the battle stage.

Maurice sneered at Zen's actions, "Brat! You are merely a war fighter. Do you really think you have any chances of escaping?" he sneered.

Madeline and Elder Mei then suddenly appeared beside Maurice, determined to immobilize him. Meanwhile, Lavender, the queen of Demon Night, had gotten her black great sword and raised it high in the air.

"Stellar Body!"

Zen instantly activated his Stellar Body without hesitation and threw out a punch as he retreated!

"Star shakes the earth!"

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