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   Chapter 863 They Are All Going Nuts

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The origins of Lily had always been vague to Zen. He had his suspicions and little theories about her.

Generally speaking, sword spirits could only act according to their masters' orders, like puppets controlled by a puppeteer, where they could only carry out simple, mechanical commands.

However, Lily herself possessed a sword dance technique that even Zen couldn't put his finger on. As a sword spirit, how could she know a martial skill that her master had never encountered? Even to the knowledgeable cyan dragon, it was a mystery. Now, even more so for Zen.

Connecting the dots, Zen now came to an understanding that perhaps, his own sword spirit had the soul of the Demon Night queen, which meant that she had her own consciousness.

Attaching one's soul to the sword spirit wasn't that difficult. When Zen first entered the Killing Sword Mountain, he chanced by Iceni who integrated a wisp of his soul into his sword spirit. According to Iceni, it didn't take him much to achieve such.

This Demon Night queen somehow managed to sneak her soul into the sword spirit. However, Zen was unable to detect it, no matter how hard he tried. If he wasn't able to detect it himself, would the circumstances be the same for the cyan dragon?

Looking at his sword spirit, Zen barely got his words out of his mouth. He only wanted to know who she was. The curiosity was enough to keep him up most nights.

"My name isn't Lily. It's Lavender. That's what I'm called," the sword spirit answered, looking uninterested towards Zen.

"Lavender like the flower?" Zen asked.

Then reminded of two particular people in the first row of the Talent Tablet, he recalled their names. One was called Fire, and the other Cliff. He let out a low sigh, trying to piece some more pieces of the puzzle together.

It was rare for humans to name themselves after nature. For this reason, Zen assumed that Fire and Cliff might have come from the Demon Night race as well. Just like Lily… Or Lavender.

However, in the Upper World where there were countless races, there was no guarantee that those two people really came from the Demon Night race. Although rare, it wasn't impossible for the other races to name themselves this way.

"Can you please explain to me how you became my sword spirit?" At that moment, Zen had managed to control his mixed emotions. If anything, it was a relief to know that his sword spirit didn't show any animosity towards him.

"For the time being, I am unable to explain this to you. I hope you understand. For now, I'm going to need you to go to the Demon Night's sacred place," Lavender told Zen, and then turned to Elder Mei and Madeline to ask, "What's your sacred place called? What is its grade?"

"Your Majesty, it's called the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place. It is one of the most powerful sects on the Sea God Continent and it's a seventh grade sacred place," Elder Mei respectfully replied.

Their sacred place was the only seventh grade sect on the entire Sea God Continent. Amber, along with her extraordinary talent, had made it all possible.

If the two sacred places of the ogres were to be combined, they could possibly be a little stronger than the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place, and could also be considered as seventh grade. If separated, however, they were still on

d Elder Mei in 37th.

It was not a joke, facing this two. Malcom was certainly at a disadvantage because their attacks were in sync.

One of Malcom's punches managed to fend off Madeline's attacks. His other punch was able to push Elder Mei back a little, but she was still able to hit the ogre with her dagger. Malcom was injured. A stream of thick, green, ogrish blood streamed down from his right shoulder.

Covering his wound with his palm, Malcom tried to put a stop to the bleeding. What he didn't know was that Elder Mei's dagger possessed a blade that had an ability to delay one's healing. The ogre failed to heal himself on time.

"Is this what I think it is? Has the Demon Night race started a war against us ogres?" Malcom blurted, his face filled with disdain. He couldn't help but wonder how they got to that certain situation. Those two Demon Night fellows were definitely out of their minds. How could they just attack him without thinking of the consequences? Lavender's origins had also preyed its way into Malcom's head.

"Anyone who dares to humiliate my queen deserves nothing but death," Madeline said coldly.

"If we can easily wipe out two of your sacred places just to please our queen, how could you doubt our desires for a war against your kind?" Elder Mei confidently added.

"Crazy! The members of the Demon Night race are mad! They are all going nuts!'

Malcom's mind was filled with nothing else but these thoughts. He found it difficult to wrap his head around the possible results of their carelessness.

If he had known this would happen, he wouldn't have agreed to let Cheryl challenge Zen. Now, his chances of defeating the human had decreased.

It was a pity that Malcom was not a prophet. If he were, he could've seen such things coming. In fact, even Zen himself could not have predicted this, too.

Whether or not Malcom had agreed to allow Cheryl's request, the fight that was going on between him and those seat owners at that time would still be happening. It would not have changed a thing. But, as long as the fight in arena could last a little longer, Elder Mei should still have a shot in putting a stop to Malcom's plan to kill him in due time.

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