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   Chapter 862 Queen (Part Three)

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In another moment of despondency, the sword spirit within Zen's body suddenly emerged from him. Together with Lily, the black sword that was previously stored in his space ring appeared.

As soon as Lily's faint figure flickered to life, her hand immediately shot out and held the hilt of the wicked black sword. Pulling the black sword out of Zen's space ring, she pointed it to the other woman's direction before slashing it directly as a shield from the black light.


Surprisingly, Cheryl did not dodge the sword at all. Even though she had seen the gigantic sword appear in front of her, she gave it no attention and did not give up on her attack. With a resolute mind, she confidently thought that nothing could have stopped the black light on her fingers.

Before they knew it, five deep gashes suddenly appeared on the surface of the black sword. Looking up to the end of the blade, Cheryl momentarily saw Lily's appearance from behind the sword when she slashed the weapon towards her.


With her mouth agape, Cheryl blinked briefly in surprise at what had just happened.

To everyone's disbelief, the sword in Lily's possession stopped right beside Cheryl's neck and did not finish what it had intended to do.

As the crowd witnessed the astonishing scene right in front of their very eyes, they all sported the same looks of shock and confusion—what exactly was going on in the arena? All of them at that moment had wondered the same thing: why did such a scene appear just as the battle was getting more and more intense?

Zen shook his head and heaved a sigh of relief at the perfect timing of Lily's arrival. In reality, he still had a few tricks up his sleeve, secret skills that he could utilize in order to defeat Cheryl. However, he was not willing to use them if he was not in a life or death situation. Never would he have imagined that the same girl who had looked so gentle before would be someone so ferocious when provoked. It was also unexpected that Cheryl, at that last few seconds, appeared to not care about her own life and was instead hell-bent on just reaching him with her claws.

With his heart hammering beneath his ribcage, Zen realized that there was a problem, a deeply troubling yet strange problem.

'Why did my sword spirit suddenly become unruly?' he thought to himself, puzzled at the behavior Lily manifested just now.

The sword spirit had always been unfalteringly obedient to Zen's orders up until that moment. If he sought her out and commanded her to fight, she would incessantly chase after his opponent. Moreover, if he needed her to defend him, then she would unquestionably be there to protect him with whatever it took.

Assessing the desperate situation that just occurred seconds ago, Zen did ask Lily to block Cheryl's attack, but when she appeared, she actually stopped the momentum of the sword in her hand when she swung it at Cheryl. Biting his lower lip unconsciously, he contemplated by himself once again, 'What is going on?'

This was something that had never happened before.

"Why did they suddenly stop

suddenly speak?

Sword spirits were indeed created when swordsmen constantly trained their sword intent, but it was relatively easier for Zen to get his sword spirit. What he had done to achieve this was he climbed up the mountain and kept on absorbing the sword spirits of other swordsmen.

Logically speaking, even if he had absorbed and acquired numerous sword spirits back then, it should not have been so easy for his sword spirit to have a human figure.

However, after having absorbed this woman's sword spirit, a strange thing had happened—his sword spirit had become how she looked as of now.

Shaking his head vehemently at his thoughts, he was sure that no matter what she looked like, she was still his sword spirit. Furthermore, the sword spirit was not a living being, but it was supposed to act according to his own will.

At this moment, however, the sword spirit had spoken and left Zen speechless and startled by the implications that dawned on him right then and there.

It was no wonder why the sword spirit had brandished the black sword and stopped before slicing Cheryl's neck—she had her own rational thought processes, so she was naturally unwilling to kill her own clansman despite the order of Zen.

In a flash, Lily turned around and stared indifferently into Zen's eyes, her frame emitting an endless aura of a queen. It was as if a person like her was simply born to be superior over others, and all life forms were born to pay their respects and kneel at her feet.

"You.." Zen started to speak, his hesitation wanting to clamp his mouth shut but he continued anyway. "Who are you?"

As a matter of fact, no matter how big or intimidating the creatures that Zen encountered, he had never been as flustered as he was now, anxiously waiting for Lily's reply. Even when having faced the Soul Symbol of the owner of the Tower of Sin, Zen did not feel an ounce of nervousness.

Amidst the confusion rampant in his mind, his own sword spirit opened her mouth to speak. Such a strange occurrence had caused Zen to be tongue-tied.

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