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   Chapter 860 Queen (Part One)

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Although sword moves were ever-changing, the fact still stood that there were certain rules to be followed in the end. No matter how exquisite the swordsmanship of someone might appear to be, it would always be based on changes in other swordsmanship. Nevertheless, there were always regulations that they would adhere to.

In those moments wherein Cheryl fought against other swordsmen, she found it relatively easy to predict and anticipate their next move just by observing the tension of their wrists. However, she was at a loss right now due to the fact that Zen's swordsmanship seemed to follow no rules as she could not simply foresee his next move.

After they exchanged a few blows, it was not long after that Zen effortlessly broke through Cheryl's defense and aimed his glistening long sword at her chest. Eventually, she sighed as she had no choice but to pass through space to escape being maimed by the sharp edge of his sword.

In the beginning, Cheryl had actually expected to be unsuccessful in breaking through Zen's defensive swordsmanship. Upon grabbing the opportunity to observe the battle between him and Boris, she accepted the realization that she would be unable to penetrate Zen's extremely strange swordsmanship.

On the other hand, just because she was incapable of breaking through did not mean she was not confident enough to defeat him.

This was because a battle between warriors did not solely rely on swordsmanship as the only factor to determine the results. Most of the time, it would depend on the skillful individual who managed to bring a trump card into the fight.

As soon as she finished travelling through space to increase the distance between her and Zen, she smirked as she planned her next move. The woman's bright eyes flashed momentarily before she parted her red lips to shout, "Three-element Shadows!"

Swish, swish, swish!

In the blink of an eye, three daunting shadows rushed out from her body and proceeded to stand in three corners of the arena.

Turning his head to scan his eyes at the length of the three shadows that suddenly appeared, Zen frowned slightly and briefly lowered his arms in hesitation. Different thoughts ran through his mind as he was not certain about what the woman intended to do.

At the exact moment

stem. Furthermore, the cultivation method passed down in their sacred place was somehow strange.

"From now on, we can only compare our speeds." Just as another infuriating smile appeared on her face, Zen did not hesitate any longer and stepped forward, once again rushing to attack her.

Unfortunately, the staggering slash he aimed at her had no effect whatsoever. Before Cheryl merged with a shadow and disappeared, her hand managed to thrust the sword towards him.

Employing his quick reflexes, Zen dodged the abrupt movement of her sword and accelerated in the direction of the next shadow straight away. At the same time, a white light gleamed in his hand before the unbreakable broken flying knife became visible. The flying knife was aimed directly at another shadow before he threw it with power.

As he used his flying knife to attack a shadow while simultaneously dealing with the shadow in front of him, there was only one shadow in the arena left unattended. Halfway through his offensive charge, he then abruptly threw the sword in his hand at the last shadow.


Now, all the three shadows in the arena were under attack. No matter which one Cheryl chose to merge with, she would be injured.

At this situation, Cheryl was slightly flustered to do her next move.

It was true that once she activated the Three-element Shadows, she would be able to freely choose and utilize any of the shadows to merge with. However, it also limited the direction in which she could move to at the same time.

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