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   Chapter 859 A Fight Using The Space Law

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A seat owner had just challenged a war fighter. It was the kind of thing that probably had never ever happened before in the Tower of Sin.

The seat owners were all tenth-level war lords, and one might even call them peak-level war lords. They were only one step away from becoming war sages, while Zen, who was a tenth-level war fighter, was two whole realms away from even becoming a peak-level war lord, let alone a war sage.

Even though his potential was high and he was extremely powerful indeed, he still wouldn't be a match for Malcom.

According to the rules of the Tower of Sin, martial artists on the upper floors weren't allowed to fight with those on the lower floors. Malcom had personally broken this rule now; the consequences of this action were too troublesome to imagine, which was the reason why the expressions of so many martial artists suddenly changed.

If a seat owner from the ogres took lead and broke this rule, then the martial artists of the other races would ignore this rule and descend on lower floors too.

If that happened, the Tower of Sin would fall into endless chaos again.

No race wanted this to happen.

Maybe that was the reason why, but in any case, just as Malcom was about to enter the arena, an ethereal voice suddenly called out, "You're an ogre war lord, but you challenge a martial artist on the tenth floor. It's against the rules, isn't it?"

Everyone looked towards the direction of the voice and saw Cheryl, who was dressed in green.

Boris and Cheryl were the strongest warriors on the tenth floor. But why did Cheryl call Malcolm out like that? Didn't she know that Malcom was intentionally breaking the rule in order to kill Zen? Or did the Demon Night want to maintain the order in the Tower of Sin?

It wasn't impossible when one thought about it. After all, the Demon Night enjoyed enormous benefits in the Tower of Sin, and the seats they owned were second only to the ogres' in number. Only the Demon Night had the strength to confront the ogres.

However, many creatures had heard the words of the Demon Night's seat owner, Madeline earlier on and from her expressions, it seemed that the Demon Night did not want to interfere in this matter. Now, Madeline was sitting by unconcerned, but Cheryl, a junior, had come forwards to speak. Why?

When Malcom was about to walk towards the arena, the expressions of Olivia, Fabian and Jarrod had also changed drastically. Fabian was hesitant about whether or not he should stop Malcom.

Once Malcom made a move, it was very likely that the fight would evolve into a war between the humans and the ogres.

The Purple Heart Sacred Place was definitely not a match for the Flaming Ogre Sacred Place and the Dread Ogre Sacred Place, and there was a huge disparity between the power of the humans with four seats and the ogres with more than twenty seats in the Tower of Sin.

Malcom's large eyes turned as he sneered, "I know what I'm doing. A junior like you is unqualified to remind me.

oud. I hope you can maintain your pride!" After Cheryl finished speaking, her figure flashed and she took a step forward. In the blink of an eye, she had crossed a distance of 60 to 70 feet and was now standing beside Zen. Then she brandished her sword and pointed it straight at Zen's eyebrows.

"The Space Law!"

Zen smiled faintly. His body also flickered as he took a step forward and traveled through space.

Cheryl's sword seemed to have hit Zen, but in reality, Zen had already left where he was standing and had now appeared behind Cheryl. He also slashed down at Cheryl in the same way.

"Both of them are using Space Law?"

"Isn't Zen a body refiner? It turns out that he also cultivates the life vitality!"

"Just how many cards does this brat have in his hand?"

In a situation where both sides had grasped the Space Law, it was often difficult to determine the victor in a battle.

With the Space Law, one could freely travel about, so it was extremely difficult to completely block off the opponent's escape route.

Also, because of this suspense, the battle situation would become more and more intense, and the tempo would also become very high.

Zen traveled through space and appeared behind Cheryl, who in the blink of an eye, also traveled through space and appeared on the side of Zen. However, when Cheryl thrust out her sword, Zen had traveled through space and left.

Figures began to appear and disappear alternatively, leaving the audience dazzled. Although the two were dressed differently, they moved so fast that some martial artists weren't able to distinguish them.


Clang! Clang! Clang!

While travelling through space, Zen finally caught onto a gap, and the two swords immediately clashed seven or eight times.

In terms of pure sword techniques, Cheryl was at a disadvantage. Although she had watched the battle between Zen and Boris, and witnessed Zen's No Move technique, she still couldn't resist him because his moves were invisible.

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