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   Chapter 858 A Severe Blow

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At this moment, Boris looked like a wild beast from ancient times.

Any warrior who could enter the tenth floor of the Tower of Sin would at least be a tenth-level war general. But regardless of their rank, their heart would start pounding if they were surrounded by Boris's powerful aura.

"Boris is really strong! Even a war lord on the eleventh floor might not have such an imposing aura."

"Of course. Boris is known as the unbeatable war general, so he must be very strong!"

"In my opinion, Zen is still the most marvelous talent. Although he's only a tenth-level war fighter, he's able to suppress Boris. If a warrior who has just reached the war lord realm isn't a match for Boris, doesn't that mean that Zen can defeat a small portion of the war lords by taking advantage of his cultivation base?"

When Boris's aura and power suddenly burst out of him, the forceful energy within his body also erupted. He stomped his feet on the arena and two sunken footprints appeared on the floor!

"What great speed!" Zen's gaze flickered as the long sword in his hand hovered lightly, instinctively blocking him from harm.

Zen's sacred long sword was small with a blade as wide as only three fingers while Boris's broad-bladed saber was incomparably large.

When Boris saw that Zen was trying to use a sword to block his saber, a vicious grin appeared on his face. As he charged toward Zen, he swung his saber and brought it down to Zen's head with the momentum of thunder.

"Thunder Hacking!"

Boris wasn't concerned about whether Zen was trying to block his attack with a long sword or a mountain on his back. No matter what it was, Boris could chop it all into pieces with one slash.

The forceful energy surged out of Boris's body. On the back of his saber, countless streaks of scarlet lightning appeared. This was the blade intent that Boris had learned, and it also contained the special power of thunder and lightning.

There were many similarities between Boris's blade intent and Rocher's Extreme Thunder Sword Intent.

"Why doesn't Zen dodge?"

"He's even choosing to take the blow head-on!"

"It's too dangerous for him to let his sword collide with Boris's large saber since his sword doesn't have an advantage in the first place. Moreover, Boris's saber is huge, so he might even chop it down!"

Everyone's face was filled with confusion as various thoughts went through their minds.

"He's too confident!" Olivia couldn't help but shout out at this moment.

Zen had other methods to resist Boris's attack, but he chose to face it head-on. Apart from his incomparable confidence, Olivia couldn't think of any other reasonable explanation for his actions.

"Power of dragon scales! Activate!"

The dragon scales in Zen's mind lit up bit by bit, emitting jade-green light. As the heavy power continued to fill Zen's body, an extremely confident smile appeared on his face.

He had quite a few methods to resist

wouldn't mean much.


A thick ray of Lucky Light shot out of Boris's chest and settled into the token on Zen's.

It was just as Zen had estimated: he had obtained a considerable amount of Lucky Light on the tenth floor. This was one of the reasons why he had wanted to climb to the tenth floor as quickly as possible. On this floor, he could accumulate Lucky Light faster.

Boris walked down the arena unhappily, carrying his saber. He looked like a walking corpse as he staggered along.

Even though his warrior spirit was extremely tough, after the severe blow he had just faced, his spirit had been almost destroyed by Zen. Now, he'd have to cultivate more and gain some insights. If he could achieve enlightenment during his cultivation, then his strength would greatly increase. He would become more powerful and frightening than he was now. However, if he couldn't gain enough insights or enhance his cultivation base, he might not be able to make any great achievement in martial arts in his whole life.

"Zen, since our war general couldn't defeat you, let me personally fight against you! Would you like to accept my challenge?" Malcom jumped off the spectator stand, ready to step into the arena.

His words surprised everyone in the area. Their expressions changed all of a sudden.

According to the rules of the Tower of Sin, the warriors in the upper floors could enter the lower floors, but they weren't allowed to go into the arenas of the lower floors to battle with others.

This rule was to maintain the balance in the Tower of Sin. If one couldn't defeat his opponents on the floor he was in and went to challenge others on the lower floors to accumulate Lucky Light, the tower would be in a mess. Anyone would be able to accumulate Lucky Light this way.

It was impossible for Malcom to not know about the rules. Since he was still choosing to come out and challenge Zen, it could only be said that he was being shameless.

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