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   Chapter 857 Being Made Fun Of (Part Two)

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It was only natural for Cheryl to have something she could take pride in. Being a member of Demon Night had that effect. Through that training, Cheryl planned to be the first in line and leave Boris behind. That was the exact reason she had spent all of her points on a training room that could interfere with the time flow rate.

She was called out of the secret room for this event. Normally, it would piss her off, but knowing that someone had decided to accept Boris' challenge gave her excitement to an unbelievable extent.

At that certain time, Cheryl felt a pang of envy towards Boris, for she had her eyes on Zen as well.

This guy had achieved the Celestial Position title and had worked his way as a tenth-level war fighter. His abilities must be astounding.

Crossing his arms over his chest, Malcom allowed his eyes to travel through the arena. It was true that Zen's talent had been proven by the Talent Tablet, but talent didn't mean everything for a martial artist. After all, Boris' cultivation was higher than Zen, and from Malcom's point of view, the possibility of Zen being killed by Boris was very high.

"If Boris fails to end your life today..." Malcom licked his lips out of eagerness before he continued, "I will do it myself."

The ogres had already suffered greatly because of Amber, and now, Amber, with her own strength, could harm the existence of the Flaming and Dread Ogre Sacred Places altogether. This was unbearable for the ogres. Amber was a threat, and Zen was stronger than her!

In the eyes of Malcom, Zen was already a dead man. It was either him or Boris, who did the deed.

"Come on, Zen Luo!"

one of the war generals shouted from one of the stands.

His voice echoed throughout the arena, causing the others to hype up as well. Screams from different directions quickly filled the place.

Human war generals from the tenth floor began to populate the place, too. Their shouts were loud and impressive.

Zen nodded to his fellow humans in the audience, as if saying, "Let's do this, yeah?"

"I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. Finally, you're standing before me. Kid, let me tell you this. It seems that your clansmen doubt your victory," Boris sneered.

"And what do you mean by that?" Zen asked with a playful smile.

"If they know so well that you'd win against me, why do they feel the need to cheer you on? My clansmen don't need to shout my name to let me know they believe in my abilities," Boris answered, not even subtle with his arrogance.

Boris' words didn't have a single effect on Zen. "There's no point in speaking further. I think most ogres are reckless. You're an exception though, aren't you? Don't stoop so low just to get a reaction from me. If you know so well that you'd win against me, why do you feel the need to use these cheap tricks?" Zen mocked his earlier words.

"You're right, kid. But please, do me a favor and go all out. The thought of you giving your best shot to kill me excites me all the more," Boris stated with a sly smile.

The competition wasn't as important as killing Zen. That was how it was for the ogres. That was how much they despised his existence.

However, Boris had his own share of selfish thoughts. He truthfully wanted Zen to go all out, so that he challenged himself to give it his all as well

f it.

He tried to withdraw his weapon, but Zen's sword was too big for him to do so.

Strength had always been the pride of the ogres.

The Demon Night relied on their agility, while the ogres basked in their pride of strength. Boris, an ogre, was defeated strength-wise by a boy.

That was the ultimate humiliation!

With his face turning red from the embarrassment, Boris, with all his might, mustered all of his ogre strength and was finally able to take back his saber. With a swift wave of his hand, the saber created a huge arc as it flew to Zen's direction.

Despite that forceful attack, Zen remained unaffected.

Using the No Move technique, he was able to dodge Boris' attacks. Zen's technique was intangible, so his sword strikes were unpredictable and seamless. He moved like the wind.


Once again, Zen's sacred weapon had sealed off Boris' saber.

"I did it again!" Zen beamed to himself.

Upon seeing the boy's smiling face, Boris started to grow sad and felt somehow defeated.

Among the war generals, Boris only had one opponent, and that was Cheryl from the Demon Night. He even had the confidence to kill war lords of low levels. But today, he was being made fun of! Not even a war general but a mere human war fighter, Zen was able to put Boris to shame.

This was a huge blow even for a big ogre like him to take.

"Anyone who dares mock me will face his death!" A red light appeared on Boris' eyes.

His weapon, the Blood Devour, had a special martial skill, and that was to swallow its owner's blood vitality and give off powerful strength.

The power of the ogres' blood vitality was far greater than that of ordinary creatures. But, the loss of blood vitality would ultimately have a negative impact on a martial artist. Thus, even Boris rarely used his blood vitality to nourish his saber, as it could cost him much.

He had no other choice at that point.

That brat of a human right in front of him had to die. He had to disappear, for the sake of himself as well as the ogres.

When the raging energy from his body had fully entered the saber in his hand, the aura that burst out from him was ten times stronger than before. He was just getting started.

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