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   Chapter 855 An Arrogant Name

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Zen was not an expert on Sea God Continent history, but he had a rough understanding of it thanks to Phoebe from the Demon Night.

The Tower of Sin was a very important place for the many races that lived in the Sea God Continent. It was a trial ground directly related to their survival.

Due to the innate significance of the tower, it was only natural that the Flaming Ogre Sacred Place and the Dread Ogre Sacred Place wanted to take possession of it. Unfortunately, that was not something the other races could allow.

A sole race's occupation of the Tower of Sin was equal to killing off the other races. Therefore, it was something that must never be allowed to happen, which was why the control of the tower was relegated to different races who were able to get a seat at the top.

Other than cultivating in the tower, the Dark Nether Cave at the foot of the tower was also equally important.

It couldn't be denied that the Tower of Sin was an indispensable part of a talent's training path. And this was what made the Sea God Continent and the Central Region completely different.

In order to maintain balance and order, various sacred places contended for their seats and shared joint control of the tower, so that it could be a feasible public training ground for their talents. Rules were agreed upon and set, so that warriors might be able to train and flourish.

But now, Zen had just been given the right to eliminate anyone from the tower.

From the war fighters on the lower floors to those so-called seat owners at the top, all of their lives were now in the palm of Zen's hands.

Such power and responsibility had him tingling all over.

"Now that I have passed the ultimate test, it is time for me to go out," he said.

"Of course," the weapon spirit replied. "Remember. As a weapon spirit, I am an omnipresent entity within the Tower of Sin. If you want to exercise your right, just call me."

Zen nodded in understanding before heading for the entrance.

Outside the Talent Tablet, the crowd continued waiting in bated breath for Zen's return.

The amount of time he had spent inside was several times greater than that of the average person, and the people waiting for him were growing restless.

Yolande had climbed up to the first row like Zen, but it took her much less time.

"Why hasn't Zen come out yet?"

"Maybe we don't need to kill him personally anymore. He may have already died inside."

"This has never happened before. The Talent Tablet's test isn't dangerous. It's only a test of the limits of one's talent."

The discussions upset Olivia. The humans were clearly under a lot of pressure, and they'd be plunged into a deeper crisis if Zen did truly die inside.

However, the buzz of speculation suddenly came to a halt when the wall suddenly began shaking.

Olivia's thin eyebrows were suddenly raised in anticipation. "Is he out?"

It wasn't just her. Elder Jing, Fabian, and Jar

e its course, ' Madeline thought to herself. A high talent such as Zen was no doubt also endowed with great fortune. The ogres would have a hard time killing him.

But there was still that challenge from Boris.

Should Zen defeat Boris in the arena, the ogres would then gain the perfect excuse to not abide by the rules and kill him directly. With Malcom's strength as a tenth-level war lord, Zen wouldn't stand a chance.

And, even if Fabian and Jarrod were able to protect Zen, there was still the matter of the ogres holding the majority of the seats in the tower.

Four human seat owners against over twenty ogre seat owners? It would be like eggs dashing themselves against rocks.

No matter how great Zen's luck was, he had now truly reached a dead end. From how Madeline saw it, the human boy was doomed. A slight smirk found its way on her face with this conclusion.

Just as everyone was admiring the golden words on the wall, the door finally opened.

When Zen entered, a small crowd of people saw him off. Now, as he made his exit, the small crowd had become a black mass of creatures from all manner of races.

He was taken aback at the sight, "Why are there so many…" He quickly looked around and was immediately comforted at the familiar sight of Olivia and walked over to her.

Olivia's eyes were watery as if she had been holding her tears the entire time. "You're f-finally out," she said, her gentle voice trembling.

Zen frowned. "What's wrong?" he asked.

Olivia shook her head and smiled before pointing behind him, "Look over there."

Zen turned his head and was immensely shocked at the sight of the two golden words that had been carved onto the stone wall. He knew that the weapon spirit was the one who wrote his name there, but was it really necessary to make his name so big? Wasn't that too arrogant?

He was speechless. Had he known that this would happen, he would've had stopped the weapon spirit from doing so.

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