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   Chapter 854 The Highest Authority (Part Two)

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"Star shakes the earth!"

If there happened to be spectators present to watch how the battle unfolded, they would have been terribly stunned and taken aback upon seeing the intense scene of their fight.

Since both of them were now tenth level war fighters, it was unexpected for them to release powers that seemed far beyond the abilities of warrior generals. Furthermore, it was even almost a frightening sight to behold, given the fact that it was impossible even for an ordinary war lord to unleash such an explosive power of forceful energy like they had just done.

The potent forceful energy within Zen's body unceasingly exploded and the power of the star flooded into his fist at the same time. After the brightness dimmed a little, his fist flashed with dazzling starlight, as if Zen was holding a small star on the palm of his hand. In the blink of an eye, Zen powerfully threw a punch at his opponent.

On the other side of the battle, his opponent's punch was also something to be reckoned with. Just as the potent forceful energy abruptly surged out violently from his fist and created a huge vortex, the center of it was immediately noticeable--the radiance of his fist was strikingly similar to the image of a raging seawater.


The sound of an uncontrolled flood of water was loud enough for it to leave a faint ringing in their ears. As the two powerful energies collided with each other, they consequently emitted rays of brilliant light that could have been able to make other people's eyes go blind.

At this moment, it seemed to be no longer a confrontation of the fists. Rather, the battle of forceful energies had just begun; the man who rose as the victor would have won the contest of strength.

Blinking rapidly as a result from the vivid brightness, Zen struggled to see his surroundings clearly. However, he understood right at that very moment that what he needed to do was to keep moving forward and tear the Soul Symbol in front of him into pieces!

It was in that instance when he realized that the power of the star was far beyond what Zen could ever imagine.

Upon facing the punch of the man who owned the Tower of Sin, he deliberated by himself a couple of things he had observed. Firstly, if Zen em

s control everything that happens inside the tower," the voice explained, addressing Zen's concerns.

"What!" Emotions of surprise and satisfaction bubbled up in his chest at the news presented to him. "Doesn't this mean that the Tower of Sin now belongs to me?"

"Well, no. The Tower of Sin is not something you can refine as only the Celestial Position race can do so," the weapon spirit started to clarify. "You have just gained the recognition of the Celestial Position. Since it is impossible for you to refine it with your current strength, you can only control the tower within a limited range with my help, of course." the formless voice finished, patiently giving Zen a well-deserved explanation.

"What do you mean? Can you explain further? Give me an example perhaps?" The young man persistently asked, fascinated by what he was currently hearing.

"For example, you can now freely travel through the walls and floors of the Tower of Sin without anyone or anything stopping you on your way. Also, you can kick any living creature out of the Tower of Sin," the weapon spirit stated and completed its spiel.

As the voice finished talking, Zen's eyebrows immediately shot up and his mouth was agape at the implications of his new status. Grinning with unbridled excitement, Zen felt his heart pound in anticipation of his new privileges.

With a start, it dawned on him that he ultimately had the right to decide who got to live or die among all the creatures in the Tower of Sin.

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