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   Chapter 853 The Highest Authority (Part One)

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In that instant, Zen utilized his comprehension on the general principles of the Transcendent Divine Might and subsequently channeled the power of the stars into his body.

There happened to be a total of eight moves in the first part of the Stellar Body. According to what the red dragon had stated before, the eight moves in the first part corresponded with the eight Path Platforms.

Every time Zen managed to build a Path Platform, he would then be able to strike a move against his foe.

However, as of the moment, Zen had only unlocked only one Path Platform. It was a fortunate thing that the Hundred Meetings Platform corresponded to the first move of the Stellar Body, which was the "star shakes the earth"!

If someone happened to take a glimpse of the sky, they would immediately observe that in the vast and distant darkness that stretched across the skies, a glowing star all of a sudden emitted an intense sort of bright starlight. From a great distance, the starlight which was initially the size of a speck of dust now appeared like a small pigeon egg. Needless to say, it seemed as if the light had magnified over a hundred times in an astonishingly short moment.

This was the exceptional ability of the Stellar Body. Such an amazing power enabled any cultivator to absorb the force of the star into his own body and simply enhance the cultivator's own abilities.

At the present, it was indeed a marvelous thing to see as Zen's own body was enveloped in a faint glow reminiscent of starlight.

Considering that he had only managed to be connected with one star thus far, the starlight that emitted from his frame was rather dim. Nonetheless, it would be significantly better if he were to be connected with more stars in order that the starlight around his body could gradually become brighter. In the end, the goal was to make him give the impression of a shining star!

Realistically speaking, the power of the star condensed by the Stellar Body was fundamentally different from the star power formed by the Sun Moon Stars Picture. After all, the spiritual projection method of the Sun Moon Stars Picture presented him a more concrete and tangible feeling as the power needed to be obtained by relying on the act of visualizing the stars. On t

sh that the cultivation method he used was the Stellar Body.

With a faint smile that stretched across his lips, the man talked to him once more, "You are lucky to be able to possess the Transcendent Divine Might when you are merely a war fighter. As for your question, you have to find the answer yourself." he dramatically paused before looking at him in challenge. "If you want to pass the ultimate test, you have to resist my punch first."

As soon as he had finished speaking, the man clenched his fist in preparation. The moment he tightened his grip, the meridians on his fist bulged on one by one. In normal circumstances, a human's meridians would appear to take on a greenish hue, but this man was certainly not ordinary as his meridians reflected the color of a brilliant gold.

"Celestial Position Devour!" he yelled.

Within the span of a second, the forceful energy that the man harbored for a long time suddenly erupted. Although the man had lowered himself to a tenth level war fighter, the power that exuded from the man still shocked Zen and left him speechless.

The reason why Zen momentarily halted his offensive move just now was because he was curious about the origin of the Stellar Body and he wanted to ask the other man what he knew about it. Judging from the way the man spoke and replied to his inquiries, it was crystal clear to Zen just then that he did not plan to discuss it with him. Huffing to himself, Zen promptly dropped the matter and went all out to strike his move.

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