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   Chapter 852 Concession And Dispute (Part Two)

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Malcom huffed, "You have a way to solve this? Tell me right now!"

"Since those humans insist that we obey the rules, then we should give them what they want," Boris said. "We don't need to compensate them with ten sacred weapons. When Zen comes out of the Talent Tablet, I'll challenge him and kill him on the arena!" His words were confident as if he already knew who the winner of the battle was before it even began.

Malcom, Fabian, and Jarrod all showed an expression of interest with Boris's proposal.

Fabian and Jarrod knew the human race did not have any bargaining chips in their hands to negotiate with the ogres. Their best bet was to get Zen up in that arena and win. His victory would serve to further strengthen the importance of the rules and help humans gain the other races' support.

Malcom, on the other hand, thought differently. Boris, to him, was the most outstanding talent in the ogre's two sacred places and his cultivation base was a full cultivation realm higher than Zen's. The gap between a tenth-level war fighter and a tenth-level war general was too great.

Therefore, Malcom had no doubts that Boris would be able to kill Zen in the arena. This method would ensure that the ogres wouldn't be breaking any rules so there would be no need to compensate the humans and they could legally get rid of Zen. It was killing two birds with one stone.

In the unlikely event that Boris did fail, the ogres would still be able to ignore the rules and kill Zen.

Malcom let out a roaring laugh. "I agree with this suggestion! What do you humans think?"

Fabian and Jarrod chose not to say anything. The ogre's agreement to fight in the arena was already a kind of concession. Although their hearts were full of worry, Fabian and Jarrod only nodded their heads.

Olivia faintly sighed as she looked up at Zen's name shining on the wall. She wasn't an idiot and obviously knew the ogres' malicious intentions.

Even if Zen defeated Boris, the ogres might not also be willing to abide by the rules. Only hatred and competition existed between the two races, after all.

'Zen should not have entered the Tower of Sin. He should've just slowly grown and enhanced his cultivation in the Purple Heart Sacred Place. At the very least, he should have had enough strength to face off against these ogre war lords before he entered the tower. That should've been the perfect plan. With his talent, he probably doesn't even need the tower's help. As long as he focuses on his cultivation, a breakthrough isn't way too far off. Ah, why have things come to this?'

Olivia thought morosely, regretting Zen's choices for him.

Of course, she had no idea that Zen did not have the time nor the luxury to cultivate slowly. His sister waited for him to rescue her and, with each passing day, his worries only increased since he felt that there was no time at all.

The Tower of Sin was the only place where he could quickly raise his cultivation base. He had no other choice.

Besides, a talent would only grow stronger and far more powerful after going through a life or death experience. A peaceful environment could never yield an awe-inspiring hero.

Everyone fell silent upon the presentation of this solution. The on

opponent was only thrown a few feet backward.

Sure, they were both thrown a good few feet backward, but compared to the distance Zen was thrown, the perfect man's retreat distance was significantly shorter!

"Indeed, it is such a powerful physical body. It's not the slightest bit weaker than my fairy weapon body!"

Doubt also appeared on the perfect man's face. Despite being a mere Soul Symbol, he had still inherited the emotions of his previous master and regarded Zen's powerful physical body as inconceivable.

"AGAIN!" Zen roared as he circulated the power of the dragon scales in his body, activating one hundred scales.


There was another violent force as the two collided once again. Zen was pushed back a hundred feet, but his opponent was pushed back for one hundred and fifty feet!



Zen continued to unfurl the dragon scales' power bit by bit, increasing his strength gradually. Over time, the distance Zen would be thrown back decreased while his opponent moved farther and farther backward. On their next collision, a stream of blood flowed out of the man's mouth.

"Golden blood?" The sight of it solidified Zen's belief that his opponent was not human. How could a mere human being possess golden blood?

The perfect man wiped away the blood from his mouth. Then he finally realized that he would not be able to win this battle with his physical strength alone. If this continued, he would be the one collapsing in the end.

The perfect man changed his pose and suddenly clenched one of his hands into a fist.

Faint traces of light appeared around his hand before forming a powerful looking vortex.

'That's the forceful energy, ' Zen thought to himself. 'Although he was of the Celestial Position race, he still chose to refine his body. Since that's the case, I'll also show him my body refining technique!'

At that moment, victory was no longer Zen's goal. What he hoped instead was a breakthrough.

"Stellar Body!"

Zen had never used the Stellar Body in actual combat, but now he would finally get a chance. Now, he would see how powerful the Transcendent Divine Might truly was.

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