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   Chapter 851 Concession And Dispute (Part One)

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The tall and slender figure slowly approached with several Demon Night war generals following closely behind her.

The members of the Demon Night were mostly women and the perfect race was almost entirely dominated by females.

So many male creatures of all races could not look away at the sight of them. The men's gazes were filled with greed and impure thoughts about the Demon Night women.

However, they were to keep their lust and perversion to themselves. The moment they stared at the Demon Night woman at the helm, they immediately felt their eyes burn as if they were being melted by a hot flame.


"My eyes! My eyes!"

"They hurt! I can't see anything!"

"Am I going blind?!"

They all howled and screamed.

"Why did you look? How dare you gaze at a woman as powerful as her with lust and desire? She is Madeline, one of the seat holders of the Demon Night in the Tower of Sin. Those who look at her with impure thoughts will only get hurt. I heard that she's only a tenth-level war lord but her soul has already stepped into the Fighting Soul Realm."

"Fighting Soul Realm? My word! Some of the war sages have not yet even reached that!"

"Not everyone in the Soul Sea Realm possesses a soul at the Fighting Soul Realm. They say a soul like that is extremely powerful and will not be damaged by attacks from a normal soul."

A look of surprise was evident in Madeline's eyes as she looked upon the wall filled with names. Even though she had already received the news that a tenth-level human war fighter had gotten his name on the first row, seeing it with her own eyes still caused her a lot of shock and disbelief.

A human warrior…

How could he be so talented? He was even stronger than the Demon Night's Amber!

Madeline took a glance at Fabian and Jarrod who had stepped forward upon her arrival.

"Madeline, the rules were made in accordance with the fourteen races' agreement," Fabian said. "Are we really going to let the ogres ignore that and repeal the rules?" Fabian looked at the crowd and, with a booming voice, stated his declaration, "If any of you have the ability to kill Zen in the arena, then we, humans, will naturally not say a word. However, if any attempt upon Zen's life

ons. Without the rules, all races would act recklessly!

It was not something that the Demon Night wanted to see.

The ogres could certainly break the rules but they had to pay the price. Otherwise, why would they need to strive for seats in the Tower of Sin? Why would they need the rules?

Malcom sneered, "Compensation? We can offer compensation. As long as Zen dies, our Flaming Ogre Sacred Place and Dread Ogre Sacred Place are willing to bestow the humans with ten low-grade sacred weapons!"

Jarrod was immediately infuriated by his words, "Ten low-grade sacred weapons? Do you think of us as beggars?"

A sacred weapon was indeed precious but it wasn't extremely rare in the sacred place. The Purple Heart Sacred Place itself had at least twenty low-grade sacred weapons.

The human race would not compromise even if the ogres gave them one hundred, let alone ten sacred weapons. Zen was a priceless super talent that should be cherished and protected. Besides, sacred weapons could only realize their true potential in the hands of a master.

Malcom sneered, "Ten sacred weapons and that's it! I do not discuss with you humans, understand?"

Fabian scoffed and shook his head. "It seems that you are still intent on ignoring the rules," he said. "Do you honestly think you can persuade us to give up on our super talent's life by giving us so little?"

Malcom was about to retort when Boris suddenly interrupted, "There's no need to argue with them. I have a solution."

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