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   Chapter 850 Fabian And Jarrod

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Elder Jing's greatest worry was the ogres.

As soon as Zen entered the Tower of Sin, he had become the target of a grudge of the ogres. Even then, the ogres would have let him go had Zen's performance not been so outstanding.

At least they wouldn't break the rules of the Tower of Sin just to kill Zen.

Although the ogres had many seats at the moment, they were still only a quarter of the hundred or so. Breaking the rules of the tower would have to come at a great price for the ogres.

But now, the situation was different.

They already had the lesson of Amber before, who had helped the Demon Night rise up rather rapidly. With that in mind, the ogres could not just sit and watch as Zen helped the humans rise up too.

Moreover, Zen's name had already surpassed Amber's, and was already sitting neatly in the first row. Once a person like him matured, he would be able to wipe out the two sacred places of the ogres from the Sea God Continent.

This was a big problem and any race was going to be severely worried in face of such imminent danger. Although the ogres were really strong, they were no exception to such fear, and when faced with this level of threat, they were not going to care about any rules. They wouldn't give a damn about the so-called "safe area" and would kill Zen at any price, including turning themselves against all the other races.

Not only were more ogre war lords entering the tenth floor, the number of Demon Night war lords was also increasing now.

Suddenly, a bold laughter came from somewhere close by. Following that sound, a sense of great pressure came over everyone present there. All the creatures in the room, who were originally staring at the names on the wall, turned their heads.

Another level ten ogre war lord was walking towards them.

Elder Jing, Olivia and the other humans felt a chill in their hearts. "Malcom! One of the seat owners!"

There were two methods to determine the strength of a race on the Sea God Continent. The first was to check the strength of the warriors of their sacred places, and the second was the strength of their seat owners in the Tower of Sin.

The ogres had the highest number of seats and their seat owners were usually level ten war lords.

And this ogre in front of them called Malcom was a seat owner too.

Malcom strode forwards arrogantly, surrounded by a group of war lords. The other races' creatures all gave way under his domineering aura.

As for Boris and the other ogre war generals, when they saw Malcom, they went over to him and raised their fists, placing them on their own chests. This was a unique etiquette of the ogres they followed to greet their members.

Malcom's bell-like eyes stared at the wall. When he saw Zen's name floating high in the first row, he let out a cold laugh. "Zen Luo

oes not belong only to the ogres."

"Ogres are used to being tyrannical. If they do kill Zen, then the other races will need to analyze and think carefully about whether or not there's a need to start an interracial war and flatten the two sacred places of the ogres to the ground."

The two sacred places the ogres had were the Flaming Ogre Sacred Place and the Dread Ogre Sacred Place.

Most of the races were indeed not a match for the ogres inside the Tower of Sin. But if every single one of the fourteen big races on the continent were to join forces, then with the help of the Demon Night's Amber, trampling over the two sacred places of the ogres was going to be very much possible.

This was also the reason why the ogres had given up more than half of their seats in the Tower of Sin earlier on.

Malcom let out a cold snort, looked around at the creatures, and revealed a cold smile. "Rules? Ha-ha, rules have always been set by strong warriors. We, the ogres, plan to temporarily abolish the rules of the safe area. What do you say to that?"

"That's a bit unreasonable, isn't it?"

Just as Malcom had finished speaking, another tall figure appeared.

From the very start of this conversation, Malcom hadn't had the slightest trace of fear in his heart. Even while facing Fabian Zhao and Jarrod Zhou combined, he wasn't afraid at all. The four human seat owners were but a small problem to the ogres.

However, his face revealed a fearful expression at this new voice. He asked in a cold voice, "What? The Demon Night wants to intervene in this matter?"

Whether it was the Tower of Sin or the Sea God Continent, only the Demon Night was able to fight evenly with the ogres. If the Demon Night were going to side with the other races, the situation was going to become extremely troublesome for the ogres.

This was the reason why Malcom was so afraid.

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