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   Chapter 849 Worries

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Powerful warriors at the Soul Sea Realm only emerged from sacred places and divine kingdoms.

Once a sect had a member at the Soul Sea Realm, it would gain the right to establish a sacred place. If an independent warrior reached the Soul Sea Realm, then he or she would gain the right to establish a divine kingdom. Central Region never had a warrior at the Soul Sea Realm.

Establishing either a divine kingdom or a sacred place required an endless amount of time and resources, and only a warrior at the Soul Sea Realm had the necessary qualifications to become a ruler.

Above war fighters were war generals, above war generals were war lords, and above war lords were war sages. The warriors at the Soul Sea Realm were much stronger than war sages. Zen was a mere level ten war fighter, and there was no way he could be a match for a warrior at the Soul Sea Realm.

Those at the Soul Sea Realm had the ability to split heaven and earth and could choose to ascend to the Upper World. A warrior at Soul Sea Realm needed to only raise a finger if he or she wanted to kill someone like Zen.

Was the difficulty of the ultimate test truly this high?

"Do not worry. These Soul Symbols are just the memories of the departed. They will suppress their cultivation to the same level as yours," the weapon spirit said.

Zen nodded in understanding.

Testing a war fighter's potential by setting him up against a warrior at Soul Sea Realm was unreasonable. If that had truly been the set-up, then there was no doubt that Zen wouldn't even be able to touch his opponent's sleeve before he was exterminated.

However, despite the suppression of the warrior's cultivation, Zen's chances of winning were still very low.

Whether it was combat experience, law comprehension, or the mastery of life vitality or forceful energy, a warrior at Soul Sea Realm was just simply incomparable.

Even if the warrior was suppressed to a level ten war fighter, he would still be able to easily defeat an ordinary war lord.

Zen's chances of victory were very slim.

However, he was still determined to do his best.

Pushing his thoughts of impossibility to the side, Zen took out his long sword from his space ring. Holding it in his hand, he suddenly dashed toward his opponent to strike.

The Taoist priest raised his jade sword as well and effortlessly blocked Zen's strike with a "ding."

The block did not faze Zen, who immediately lifted up his sword in order to deflect the priest's jade sword.

However, the jade sword seemed to have a mind of its own as it gently swayed along with Zen's, shadowing its every move.

"Excellent defense!

and, with his cultivation of the Soul Sea Realm, it was natural for him to have comprehended the third level of Thunder Law.

Fortunately, the priest's cultivation had been suppressed. Otherwise, Zen would've dropped dead the moment the lightning strike hit him.

"Break it again!"

Zen was once again back on track as his iron sword danced in the air, forming a strange line without any rules or restrictions. It looked weird, chaotic even, but it was able to avoid the priest's block and successfully pierce through his heart.


As the iron sword pierced through him, the priest cracked and shattered into fragments before dissipating completely like fine, white ash.

Zen inhaled deeply. "Did I win?"

Another pattern fell on his head.

"The test isn't over yet."

Defeating the priest had greatly increased his confidence. He wasn't as apprehensive, nor was he as pessimistic with fighting another suppressed warrior at the Soul Sea Realm as he had been before.

While Zen took the ultimate test inside the Talent Tablet, the creatures waiting outside were feeling extremely confused.

The test was taking too long!

The longest it had taken someone to take the test was two hours. Yolande's name had climbed up to first place in less than an hour.

But Zen had been inside for three hours now.

"What the heck's going on? What did he encounter inside the Talent Tablet?"

"Could something have happened?"

"It's already been three hours. What's taking him so long?"

Olivia was already beside herself with worry. Surely Zen did not encounter some kind of mishap, did he?

Meanwhile, Elder Jing remained calm and unbothered by all of this. However, he did notice that the number of ogres on the tenth floor was increasing.

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