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   Chapter 848 The Ultimate Test

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Zen had grasped the general idea of how the Talent Tablet worked in testing the talent and skills of the examinees.

He found out that the first screening was to test the comprehension skill of a martial artist with regards to laws. Then the testing of the strength of corporeal body followed suit by gauging the physical power of the examinees through exerting immense pressure on them!

So far, these were all that he knew about the test system. Other than these, he had no idea what other mysterious testing methods the Talent Tablet contained. But one thing was clear to Zen that when it came to the physical talent, he definitely wouldn't lose to anyone!

His body differed from that of an ordinary person. Even a body refiner couldn't measure up to him, let alone any martial artist that cultivated life vitality. Once his body made a breakthrough and became the sacred weapon or reached a higher level, his body would become even more terrifying. Moreover, he would reach an incredible level in no time with great potential.

Apart from the test on the physical body, the third test was a test on the soul. Zen had also passed this test painstakingly!

Now that Zen had passed all the three tests, he was assuming that the test was finally over.

His eyes darted pensively to the closed door on the wall facing him. The space surrounding him was so dark that it gave him an eerie feeling that it was not yet the end of the test. Trusting his gut feel, he knew that there was something more that lay ahead.

'What else should I be tested? Don't tell me I will get a cultivation method this time!' Zen thought as he chuckled to himself.

This idea might sound absurd, but it was deemed possible. It could still be considered a way to test him. Knowing that the cultivation method given by the Tower of Sin would not be simple, he was still quite happy if he would get a cultivation method as a part of the test. But these were only blind and disorderly conjectures that crossed his mind.

Just as he stood there in deep contemplation, wondering about what might happen, a pair of eyes suddenly appeared in the dark space in front of him.

In this vast and diverse world, there were many different types of creatures with different looks and shapes. But no matter how much they differed, they had one thing in common—they all had eyes.

Like for example, the Genuine Dragon had eyes, the Blue Phoenix had eyes, and humans also had eyes. It was a characteristic shared by all living creatures!

When several rays of light became visible and gradually formed like a pair of eyes in front of him, he was flabbergasted. "Who are you?" Zen gawked at the pair of eyes as he asked.

Another dot of light popped up in the darkness. It gently danced in the air and eventually formed a mouth. Soon after, a distant and ancient voice rang out, "Human, I am the weapon spirit of this Tower of Sin! "

"Weapon spirit!" Zen's eyes flashed with awe as he shook his head in amazement.

"Yes!" The melodious voice continued, "As a weapon spirit, I've already existed in this tower for a million years…"

"A million years!" Zen exclaimed, cutting off the weapon spirit in mid-sentence. He was shocked to hear that.

In the Central Region, the Ancient Tycoon who had lived over a


As the weapon spirit's voice faded away, the light in the surroundings started to change constantly. Simultaneously, Zen quickly fell, and he felt as if he was sinking into a starry sky!

Mysterious various patterns consistently appeared and soon engulfed him. These patterns were very abstract, and each one was different. The aura exuded from them made Zen feel awed as he looked at them with reverence.

This sense of overwhelming feeling seemed to come from his instinct!

"What are these patterns?" Zen intently looked at the patterns in confusion. "Is this the final test? Then what exactly is this supposed to test me on?"

While Zen seriously pondered over these questions, the first pattern quickly moved and approached him. The feeling was somewhat familiar. It dawned on him that it was similar to the way that his consciousness approached a star when he had cultivated the Stellar Body.

This time, however, Zen was not moving towards the pattern, but rather, the pattern was crushing down on his head!

As the pattern slowly approached, Zen felt extremely small. In the face of this pattern, he was like a grain of sand!

"It made me feel bad!"

Zen's brows furrowed as the energy within his body exploded out, colliding with the pattern.


A person appeared in front of Zen as a sudden white bright light flashed. The person was wearing a Taoist robe and had a short sword made of jade in his hand.

As if everything was in sync, the weapon spirit's voice rang out. "This is the Soul Symbol. The one in front of you is the Soul Symbol left after this master died."

"And then?" Zen hastily asked as he raised his eyebrows.

"Defeat him," the weapon spirit replied nonchalantly.

"How strong is he?" Zen countered, seemingly anxious.

"When he was alive, his strength was equivalent to a human master in the Soul Sea Realm," the weapon spirit expressed.

Upon hearing the weapon spirit's words, Zen turned speechless. Was this a joke? He mused that no matter how strong he was, he was not powerful enough to stand against a Soul Sea Realm master. It would take not many efforts for the Soul Sea Realm master to crush him with one hand.

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