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   Chapter 847 Eyes

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Everyone had heard of Amber's miracles in the Sea God Continent.

However, no one envied her.

Why? It was simple: they didn't even have the qualifications to be envious.

It was already difficult enough for them to put their names right next to Amber, what more creating miracles? Since ancient times, creatures from all sorts of races had entered the Tower of Sin. It couldn't be denied then that the number of those who were able to break through the tenth floor and undergo the Talent Tablet test was great, immeasurable even.

However, not a single one had the right nor the capabilities to have their names placed beside Amber's name.

Those whose names belonged on the top four rows were already very powerful and were regarded as formidable beings among those in the tower since those on the top four rows were destined to become the strong masters who reached the Soul Sea Realm.

They would be unbeatable in the Sea God Continent.

As for those who were on the second row, they were the ones destined to usher in a new era for the world.

What happened today was a very monumental event as two warriors earned the right to have their names appear on the top two rows. Moreover, these two warriors were actually from the human race.

One was Yolande whose background was a mystery to everyone. When her name jumped to the second row, and then all the way to the first, everyone sighed but was not jealous.

She had never been promoted all these years and she couldn't really help the Purple Heart Sacred Place. The most she could offer was to continue gifting her Lucky Light to others.

The other races were content with this set-up. It would be better for them if Yolande obediently stayed on the tenth floor since the consequences of her choosing to advance, obtaining a seat, and breaking through would be unimaginable.

With her talent in the first row, it was certain that her future accomplishments would surpass Amber's—should she choose to. If she willed it, Yolande might become a detrimental element for humans to rise up and dominate all the other races.

However, right after Yolande, Zen's name had also jumped up to the second row.

The two were very different. Although Zen also had a mysterious background like Yolande, he had a lot of motivation for advancing.

Aside from Boris, several other ogre war generals also had the same thought. Several of them had even begun scheming on how to kill Zen. No price would be too high.

They would even be willing to go as far as giving up ten seats, or even exchange with the humans, so long as Zen died.

They wanted to prevent the rise of another warrior as extraordinary as Amber.

The human race they had once looked down on and scoffed

y can't beat him in the arena, then the ogre war lords on top of the tower will probably bend the rules and kill Zen themselves."

"Zen shouldn't have entered the Talent Tablet for the test. He would've been fine if he placed on the fifth or fourth row but now, everyone's seen just how great his abilities are. The ogres are surely on edge. They won't allow someone like Zen to live long."

"I agree. The ogres still regret not killing Amber in the past after the bloody lesson they have learned years ago. They're smarter now and will definitely not let Zen off. Even if they break the rules, they would do their best to eliminate him!

Besides, there's still the Demon Night hanging around. Zen should also watch out for them!"

Olivia and Elder Jing both wore long expressions upon hearing the discussions.

The bystanders were right. It was impossible for the ogres to remain indifferent to this matter. It would not be beneath them to break the rules and they would send out a war lord to kill Zen to assure the survival of their race.

Although the Purple Heart Sacred Place had a handful of powerful and influential human masters in the Soul Sea Realm, they would never be able to enter the Tower of Sin. No one would be able to get to the tower to help Zen. Moreover, humans only got four seats at the top of the tower.

How could those four warriors resist the force of the over twenty ogres who also held seats?

It wasn't good news.

Something big was brewing and troubles were approaching fast. However, the one who was now currently facing such a huge dilemma was still inside the test room, completely unaware of the things that were currently happening outside.

After Zen completed the test, the surrounding light began to dissipate. Suddenly, a pair of eyes appeared right in front of him.

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