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   Chapter 846 The Second Row

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If one didn't understand the Space Law, he would be instantly torn apart by the space cracks. Perhaps even a sacred weapon would be ineffective against their power.

Zen's physical body was incomparably strong. His immortal body was equivalent to a fairy weapon, and he was probably the only one in the entire universe to be that way. However, despite possessing so strong a physical body, he would undoubtedly be ripped to shreds if he got sucked into the space cracks.

Still, the moment the space cracks rolled toward Zen, his eyes lit up. As quickly as a wink, the mysterious power of the Space Law lunged out and tightly wrapped about him.

A strange thing happened then.

The space cracks which could slice through a sacred weapon easily could not hurt Zen's body. After the cracks had rolled over, his body looked to be floating over their surface. He was unhurt, safe and sound.

After comprehending the second level of the Space Law, one could create space cracks as he wished, using them as his own weapon. But if one wanted to create space cracks, he had to adapt to them first.

Space cracks spread out around Zen. After his body was sucked into a space crack, he appeared on the other side of the space crack. At the moment, his body seemed to have turned into a small boat floating on the surface of water. The space cracks were like waves. Whenever they rolled over, Zen floated up and down. Not the tiniest bit of damage was done to him.

As wave after wave thrashed against him, Zen freely roamed above the cracks.

Not only that, he continued to study the space cracks and the essence of space during this process. Although it was considerably slower than comprehending on the stone, it was still faster than most common methods.

Meanwhile, Zen's name continued to appear on the wall outside.

His name had already been placed in the sixth row, the same as in the case of Olivia. Suddenly, his name began to rise through.

"The fifth row!"

"The fourth row!"

Amidst the screams of the crowd, his name soared like a rocket, finally being placed in the fourth row. A few moments later, his name was in the same row as Boris and Cheryl.

Olivia let out a long sigh of relief. No matter what the consequences, the human race finally had a genius that could rival the ogres and the Demon Night. Past experience told her that as long as Zen was alive, he would be able to secure a seat for them.

However, the worries of Olivia and the others were not dispelled. Before all of this, the ogres had already figured out that Zen was a great threat to them and that he must be eliminated. Now that Zen's talent had been fully exposed, the ogres would probably try to kill him at the first opportunity.

Olivia also understood that the Purpl

rength of his physical body, for this force had blocked all of his other strengths.

In this aggravating situation, he felt relieved and reassured knowing that the Talent Tablet couldn't be controlled by the ogres. Even at a time when ogres wholly seized the Tower of Sin, they weren't masters of the Talent Tower. Perhaps no living being in the Lower World could control the giant tower.

This was nothing more than a test of his talent. Although the pressure on his body increased bit by bit, it didn't aim at crushing him, only at appraising the capabilities of his physical body.

As Zen mused on the purpose of this test, the pressure on his body grew increasingly stronger.

Under such pressure, even an iron ball would be flattened into a sheet of iron. What was the strength of the physical body of a human being compared to that?

However, Zen's body was more resilient than common iron. It was equivalent to a top-grade fairy weapon and had already surpassed the limits of human beings. His bones were several times harder than iron and steel. It wasn't easy to crush them.

Zen continued to bear the heavy pressure as the sound of something snapping resounded from his bones. The gaps between his bones were being constantly compressed, which was why they expelled such a noise when they clashed against each other.

Under the progressively growing pressure, Zen bore the brunt of the limits of his physical body.

"I'm afraid... No, this power is too terrifying. It feels like that even a common war lord couldn't wield such a formidable strength."

If the pressure persisted, Zen's body would collapse. Suddenly, the gentle light disappeared quietly, leaving Zen to land on the ground with a loud thud.

Meanwhile, on the outer wall, Zen's name disappeared and then reappeared on the second row, right beside Amber's.

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