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   Chapter 845 A Fish In The Space (Part Two)

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"There are so many of them!"

Just like flashes of light, Zen's figure constantly shuttled high and low through the space as he quickly dodged the aggressive space cracks hurtling towards him.

However, Zen began to feel the pressure due to the fact that with the constant increase of space cracks, the space Zen initially used to evade the vicious attacks became more and more limited.

This space where Zen was situated in was not large enough to begin with, so there had been an inadequate space for Zen to move freely. With the continuous multiplication of the space cracks, he realized that he would be engulfed by them sooner or later.

Zen remembered that when he had faced the giant swords summoned by Marilyn from the Purple Power World in the past, he had also utilized the Space Law to avoid the onslaught of attacks. Even though she had summoned over a hundred giant swords that glinted wickedly, Zen was always able to find a foothold to stand. Right now, the situation was vastly different given the fact that it was more and more difficult for Zen to find a place to stand. With a start, he furrowed his eyebrows in concentration--if he would not be able to avoid those space cracks, he would soon fail and be kicked out of this test.

'Space cracks, huh…'

Zen narrowed his eyes and deeply pondered, trying to find an immediate solution.

Albeit his study of the second layer of the Space Law was brief, Zen acquired a general idea of the space.

The first layer was ultimately for individuals to be able to travel through space. In fact, the logic behind this was to condense two spaces together. Through the perspective of an outsider looking at his movements, Zen could appear to travel a certain distance in an instant, when in reality, Zen had only taken a single step. How he had achieved this was by bonding two consecutive "nodes" using the Space Law.

In other words, Zen had bent the space around him and cleverly taken a shortcut.

On the other hand, the space cracks on the second layer operated on different terms.


e gritted his teeth and balled his fists tightly at his sides. For this very moment, he did not attempt to travel through space. Instead, he exhaled a quick breath and stood still.

The moment Zen halted his movements, the space cracks that were similar to the abominable mouths of monsters quickly approached, aiming to engulf him from all directions. Upon perceiving the incoming brutish attack of the space cracks, Zen firmly closed his eyes.

If there were anyone else in the area and noticed the still form of the boy, they would have undoubtedly believed that Zen had given up the fight, not knowing he had a plan in his head.

"In the second layer, the first point of tearing space is to integrate oneself into space itself. In fact, this key point has already been touched upon in the first layer of the Space Law, but it barely skims the surface and it doesn't discuss the actual definition in detail," he started to explain to himself in the darkness, profoundly resolute at the logic of what he was about to do. "I will try to combine the first layer of the Space Law with what I realized just now. I know I can do it!" Zen exclaimed. It was a do-or-die situation and he was certain of his presumption; he had no time to hesitate.

Within a second, the first space crack steadily zoomed towards Zen's immobile form, aiming at his head about to devour him!

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