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   Chapter 844 A Fish In The Space (Part One)

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It did not take a long moment before Zen had arrived at the sixth row, easily surpassing Dylon.

Who knew which row Zen would eventually manage to reach in the end?

Among everyone at the Tower of Sin, this fact was undeniable; Dylon was the most talented disciple from the Purple Heart Sacred Place besides Olivia. Although it was clear as day that his talent was not as good as Olivia's, Dylon was already well aware of this notion and acquiesced to it.

Ever since he was a young child, Dylon had always considered Olivia as the only other warrior who could match him when it came to strength. Moreover, Olivia had also been the woman in his heart for the longest time.

As luck would have it, that bastard named Zen appeared out of nowhere and stole everything Dylon once had and yanked the rug under his own feet. To his displeasure, it seemed as if Zen was replacing him.

In the Purple Heart Sacred Place, Olivia was regarded as nothing short of a noble and superior goddess. It was borderline ironic however, as much as she had kept herself aloof from Dylon, her behavior towards Zen as well as every single thing he did was the exact opposite. The woman had been unwaveringly enthusiastic about his endeavors and exuded such patience with him that it made the whole thing laughable; how could she not see that the guy was extremely cocky? The fact that Zen was given the attention that he had always wanted made extreme jealousy bubble up Dylon's chest. Therefore, every time Zen's name came up one slot on the stone tablet, Dylon gritted his teeth in annoyance and barely suppressed trembling with frustration.

The Space Law on the stone tablet had proved to be of great help to Zen.

According to what he just learned from it, the mastery of the first layer of the Space Law could enable the cultivator to travel through space, hence why it was termed as 'traveling'. After being able to comprehend the first layer of the Space Law, an individual could travel a short distance that made it possible for the cultivator to attack the enemy before he knew it and consequently take him by surprise.

Furthermore, the second layer of the Space Law was called 'tearing'. If one managed to completely comprehend the second layer, then

ver each person's strong point. Moreover, it was dedicated in giving them something to comprehend according to their respective strong points. After a period of time, the Talent Tablet tested the effectiveness of their comprehension. Through this method, it could determine the rank of the examinee's talent without preamble.

For example, if an individual was particularly good at Fire Law, the stone tablet he chose would most probably contain the Fire Law. Due to this, the specific test for the examinee would involve the constant attacks by all sorts of fire.

"But, such test is still not accurate." Zen hummed and pouted as he shook his head vehemently.

Just now, Zen had just employed the power of the first layer of the Space Law and traveled for a relatively short time to dodge the space crack that came at him just a moment ago. Despite that, Zen was certain that it had nothing to do with his talent and he believed that his success was attributed to his real strength in cultivation.

In spite of everything, Zen had underestimated the power of the Talent Tablet!

Not a long moment had passed before more space cracks began to appear from all directions Zen could see. Abruptly positioning himself to get ready, he knew that when those space cracks fully emerged, he only had a split of a second to evade before they all came ferociously to crush him. In an instant, it was as if hundreds of monsters in the shape of a huge mouth were suddenly materializing in the darkness.

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