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   Chapter 843 Resign To Fate

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Zen's name appeared on the ninth row.

A lot of creatures from different races had been paying close attention to Zen's performance.

It could be claimed that he was already on the same level as Boris and Cheryl with what he had shown all of them.

Quite a lot of people already thought highly of him despite still having yet to fight with Boris.

There had never been such a talent in the human race.

Zen had entered the tenth floor with the cultivation of a tenth-level war fighter and that was a feat that had never yet been done in the entire Sea God Continent. Not even Amber could do it.

Of course, the circumstances of the era also played a part.

Back then, there hadn't been any fixed rules with regards to advancing freely. Although Amber was powerful, she had still needed to climb from the very bottom all the way to the top.

Furthermore, the ogres had time and again sent a large number of talents to challenge and possibly defeat her. Amber met and fought with her opponents one after the other and obtained significantly more Lucky Light than Zen. The deterrence that the ogres sent actually contributed to her improving her cultivation at a much faster rate.

Zen, on the other hand, could freely advance and the amount of Lucky Light he received was significantly less, which did not really benefit his cultivation.

It wasn't because the ogres were scared of him, but they had grown weaker over the years and couldn't really afford to send away most of their talents as they did back then with Amber. Since their assassination attempt had failed, then maybe it would be better to let him freely advance to the tenth floor and just let Boris finish him.

Had they barred his way and let him stay on the lower floors to improve his cultivation, then Boris might end up not being a match for Zen.

The other races were very much interested in Zen's talent, but it was the humans who were most concerned.

A trace of nervousness flashed on Olivia's face.

She knew that the humans clearly understood the meaning of Zen's appearance.

To them in the Purple Heart Sacred Place, Zen was like a heart-strengthening drug that they hoped could change their fate. Even before he had stepped into the Purple Heart Sacred Place, he was already quite famous, and disciples and elders at the Soul Sea Realm alike were already keeping an eye out for him because of his strength.

"I wonder just how far Zen can go."

"I think he'll at least make it to the fourth floor. I'm pretty confident that he's got a lot more potential than Boris."

"Mm, even if he can't defeat Boris now, Zen will still grow further in the future and his power will not be something that Boris himself can even compare with."

Boris heard all this since he wasn'


Just like Yolande's name, Zen's was also rising rapidly.

The ninth row.

The eighth row.

The seventh row.

Soon, his name was listed right beside Olivia's.

"Zen's name is rising fast! It's even faster than Yolande's. Will he rise to the first row as well?"

"I don't think so. The Talent Tablet doesn't test strength or speed. Speed doesn't determine the ranking. Last time, a divine-level talent stayed on the ninth row for two hours before his name went up to the fourth row."

"Look! His name has stopped on the sixth row. Could it be that he is as talented as Olivia?"

"What's the hurry? Let's just wait and see. As long as he's in there, there's no way to arrive at a conclusion."

Olivia heard all of this but did not say anything. For some reason, she had a mysterious premonition in her heart that Zen would definitely achieve good results.

It would be impossible to expect him to be in the first row like Yolande, but he could at least enter the third row and become a figure that was only inferior to Amber.

Yolande, who wasn't originally interested in anything that was happening, was now also expressionlessly staring at the rankings on the wall. It looked as if she was also anticipating the result, but nobody could really tell for sure.

Dylon, on the other hand, was extremely gloomy.

The sixth row. Zen had already climbed to the sixth row and it was a huge blow to his ego. He had also been known as a divine-level talent in the sacred place and was on par with Olivia. However, after the test, his name had only come up to the seventh row.

A lot of people were also listed on the seventh to ninth rows. His ranking was quite low, and it wouldn't be long before he was completely squeezed out.

He merely looked at Zen's name on the sixth row and quietly resigned himself to his fate.

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