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   Chapter 842 The First Row

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On this wall, a countless amount of names were carved into the stone work. There were a total of nine rows.

Presumably, the person or race that had built the Tower of Sin had divided creatures' talents into nine levels.

People whose names were in the bottom row must have been the least talented of all.

Zen also noticed that when Yolande's name appeared, all the other names in the ninth row moved towards the right by one place, and the last name got squeezed out of the wall.

Considering the amount of names that were there, this was understandable. Even though the wall was huge, it couldn't possibly record the name of every single person who had been tested.

"This is normal. Anyone who's just entered and participated in the test is shown in the bottom row. However, that changes and the name climbs up gradually," Olivia explained.

"Got it," Zen nodded.

He wasn't sure what kind of test Yolande was facing right now. All they could see right now was the names on the wall and their ranks in the grid.

Soon, Yolande's name disappeared from the ninth row and appeared in the eighth row. Once more, the last name in the eighth row disappeared just like the one in the ninth row had disappeared.

Very soon after that, Yolande's name disappeared from the eighth row too and reappeared in the seventh.

Hardly had they noticed her name there when it disappeared and reappeared in the sixth one this time.

"So fast!" Olivia exclaimed.

Everyone on the tenth floor naturally paid close attention to the situation of the other races. When a person from any race entered the Talent Tablet, many creatures would come up and watch the tables turn. Some people even collected information and sent it to the top floor of the tower.

Each race hoped that they could produce a strong and talented warrior, and at the same time, they also hoped that a talented person would not appear in some other race. This was the reason why they were watching the Talent Tablet so closely.

Yolande's name was now in the sixth row. It meant that her talent was already on par with Olivia's. Olivia's name moved back one place because of that.

The number of people who could get up into the sixth row was not small. Perhaps in a few years, even Olivia's name would get slowly squeezed out of the list.

However, Yolande's name stopped in the sixth row only for a little while, after which, it jumped up to the fifth one.

Many creatures' eyes opened wide.

In the past few years, the number of people whose names had jumped up to the fifth row was very limited. Aside from the ogres and the Demon Night, only the very top members of some races had been able to reach the fifth row.

As for humans, aside from the mysterious Yolande, Olivia was the top talent of the Purple Heart Sacred Place and even she had only managed to reach the sixth row.

Although everyone's eyes were wide open right now,


"She's actually on par with those characters."

"These five people have always been legendary figures and anyone better than them has never existed on our Sea God Continent. But Yolande..."

The five names in the first row were familiar to everyone in the Tower of Sin. After all, they were the most talented and well known figures, so how could anyone forget them?

As for the speculations about these five creatures, everyone had his or her own opinion regarding them.

Actually, it was similar to what Zen had in mind.

In their eyes, the amazing Tower of Sin was not supposed to belong to the Lower World. The five creatures in the first row were probably some great powers in the Upper World. Their talents were likely far beyond the imagination of the creatures of the Sea God Continent, and could only be described as legendary.

No one had ever thought that there was going to be a legend by their side.

But in any case, Yolande was able to make it into the first row and stand by the five names. No one on the Sea God Continent had ever done this before.

Amber had not done it, nor had the other talented people.

Once Yolande's name stabilized, the light on the wall faded away. Then the door slowly opened, and her nine-colored long skirt swayed as she slowly walked out.

She expressionlessly turned her head and glanced at her name. There was no trace of any expression on her face; no joy or happiness, and no excitement either. It was as if everything that had happened was completely according to her expectations.

She walked over to Zen and asked coldly, "Is it your turn?"

Zen nodded and walked towards the door without a pause.

Olivia, who was standing behind him, cheered and encouraged him. "Good luck, Zen!"

Zen turned around and nodded his head. Then, he too plunged into the darkness. The surrounding lights suddenly dimmed, and the wall once again started to emit an endless luster.

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