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   Chapter 841 Names On The Talent Tablet

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The Tower of Sin had a total of fifteen floors with a Talent Tablet located on the tenth floor.

Zen's assumption was right; this tower served the same function as the Dragon Soar Arena and was very likely to have been used by some race for training. The Tower of Sin was like a hundred times scaled-up version of the Dragon Soar Arena.

As for whether or not it could also send people to the Upper World, Zen had no idea.

He and Olivia walked at the front, followed by a few human war generals and creatures from other races.

Almost everyone was curious about Zen's talent and would naturally not miss an opportunity such as this.

There was a huge space not far away from the arena. It should be a living area if the structure of this floor was the same as the others. But this floor was different with a large wall being its most prominent feature.

There were quite a few names engraved on the wall in front of Zen, arranged from top to bottom.

He scanned through them and soon found the name "Olivia Xia" listed in the sixth row.

He looked back at Olivia and asked, "These names are…?"

She gave him a smile. "These are the names of all talents that have been tested by the Talent Tablet."

Zen's eyebrows rose at the information and now looked at the names with concentration.

Olivia was a talent from the Purple Heart Sacred Place and even though the sacred place itself was weak, it still had a warrior at the Soul Sea Realm. Because of this, the sacred place could be considered significantly stronger than the Central Region.

Back in the Central Region, there hadn't been a single sacred place that had appeared. Even the Ethereal Spirit Sect was only a fifth-grade sect.

From this fact alone, one could surmise that Olivia's talent was a little stronger than Brent's.

How was it possible that Olivia was only ranked in the sixth row?

Zen's face was the epitome of astonishment and perplexity.

The sixth row was densely packed with names, so Zen moved on and looked at the countless names above the sixth row. Each of these creatures had a better talent than Olivia.

"Boris! The fourth row!" And it indeed was.

Olivia thankfully explained, "In the history of our Sea God Continent, only six names have ever appeared in the fourth row. Two of them are on the tenth floor; one is Boris, who is an ogre, and the other is Cheryl of the Demon Night."

Zen nodded in understanding. From the looks of it, Boris' strength

t had the ability to somehow enhance one's talent for a tiny bit. This was the reason why the Talent Tablet was a must-see for every warrior that entered the tenth floor.

But of course, Yolande was not like every warrior. She didn't listen to any race, and certainly not to humans. The human leaders were afraid of offending her so they just let her do whatever she wanted.

Who would've thought that she would suddenly change her mind and enter the Talent Tablet?

Olivia's gentle eyes flashed with a strange expression. No doubt she was also thinking why Yolande had changed her mind. Was it because of Zen? There must be a connection.

She had never heard Yolande comment on other people's scents before. Moreover, she often did not sport any expression on her face and looked like a puppet most of the time. If she didn't need to eat, she would be described as a walking dead.

Zen extended his hand and smiled, "You go first then."

Yolande didn't need to be told twice but, before she went in, she moved close to Zen's collar and sniffed. Her face showed a trace of satisfaction before she turned around and went through the door.

After walking in, the entire wall suddenly began to tremble before the door closed naturally.

"How long will it take for the test to finish?"

he asked.

Olivia shrugged, "It depends. Sometimes five minutes, other times two hours."

The wall started emitting rays of light and the countless names started to flash. Soon, what they'd all been waiting for appeared.

Zen's expression froze. "The last row?"

Yolande's name had made its appearance and it was in the very bottom row.

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