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   Chapter 840 The Talent Tablet

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Despite the question still hanging in the air, an unnerving silence filled the arena as everyone's eyes were trained on Zen's face.

Perhaps it was because Zen's background and life story seemed to be more mysterious than Yolande's own.

Therefore, everyone was more interested in Zen, and waited for his answer.

At that moment Zen did not respond to Yolande's question. However, he learned from her that she knew about the existence of another Yolande, who shared the same name as her.

"I think I've met you before," Zen answered vaguely.

"Where?" Yolande asked. Her eyes glinted playfully under the light.

But Zen didn't want to answer her question directly. "We could talk, if there's a chance," he simply said with a smile.

"Sure," Yolande said and leaned over. "I like your smell. You can find me anytime you want," she said as she caught a whiff of his scent.

When everyone else heard Yolande's words, they all got confused. Her words sounded a bit flirtatious, but she said them with an emotionless face. That made everyone feel that it was quite strange.

The corner of Zen's mouth twisted into a slight smile. Yolande had left a deep impression on Zen, so he was really curious about her mysterious background. When Zen stayed in White Emperor City, he knew that Yolande came from the Yun Clan, one of the top clans of the Eastern Region. But was she really a member of the Yun Clan? Zen didn't know anything about Yolande—her experience, background, and whatnot. If he had a chance to know all of those, he definitely wouldn't miss it.

Meanwhile, several ogres came out from one side of the arena. The group leader was Boris, who was the most powerful talent of the Flaming Ogre Sacred Place.

Ever since the ogres had sent out their daredevil to assassinate Zen, Boris had been worried about Zen's safety.

He was a divine-level talent of the ogre, but he was worried about Zen. Indeed, his behavior was strange. However, Boris was a stubborn warrior and he wouldn't easily change his mind. Just after Zen had entered the Tower of Sin, Boris had already considered Zen as an opponent.

Thus, he was set on seizing a chance to challenge Zen, and this idea was already rooted deep within his mind.

This was Boris' warrior spirit! For him, he should be the only one to defeat or kill the opponent he wanted to challenge. It was exactly this kind of warrior spirit that made Boris the strongest talent in the Flaming Ogre Sacred Place.

Thus, Boris was extremely determined to oppose the ogres' attempt of using underhanded means to kill their opponent, specifically when they sent the Night Group assassin to kill Zen. As far as he was concerned, such a disgraceful method was humiliating for the powerful ogres.

Unfortunately, Boris didn't have a hand in the decision-making.

He had no right, even if his father was the most powerful and influential member in the Flaming Ogre Sacred Place.

Although the sacred place seemed to have the

would be useless in the future, even if they possessed divine-level talents!

However, compared with luck and talent, the warrior spirit could change more easily. As long as a warrior had the firm warrior spirit and kept on cultivating, he would naturally have great perseverance with stronger warrior spirit!

But, it was hard to change talent and luck.

Luck was very magical and intangible. No one could control it or figure out whether someone was lucky or not. Perhaps only God knew that!

Someone previously said that Zen had good luck on his side, but now no one was sure of how lucky he was, and whether he was lucky or not today. They could only infer and guess from Zen's past and experiences.

Relatively speaking, it was easier to control and make use of talent than luck.

A talented warrior had a cultivation speed faster than the others. He could understand things with just a single look and master skills with only a short bit of practice. Those showed that a warrior had an incredible talent.

These warriors were divided into talents with different levels, namely the human-level talent, earth-level talent, heaven-level talent, saint-level talent and divine-level talent.

Although the talents were ranked as such, it was just a general classification. Zen learned from Olivia's words that the Talent Tablet was able to test and measure each warrior's talent. Moreover, it could even increase a warrior's talent.

Zen found this to be quite unbelievable!

"Right, the Tower of Sin's Talent Tablet does have the ability to change a warrior's talent. I can bring you there now!" Olivia exclaimed.

It was evident that many creatures were also interested in Zen's talent now. He was only a level ten war fighter, but he had such great strength. It turned out that Zen indeed had the divine-level talent, but there were differences between the divine-level talents. And so, everyone wanted to see how impressive Zen's talent was, and what level it reached!

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