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   Chapter 839 Where Did You Come From

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The Central Region, which was also called the Sky Northern Region, and the Sea God Continent, were separated by hundreds of thousands of miles and Zen could not think of any other way of traveling across these two continents than through the massive transmission array in the Immortal Mist's celestial tomb.

But could there really be such a coincidence?

The Yolande in front of him had the exact appearance, clothing, and temperament - there wasn't the slightest difference at all from the Yolande he knew, save for her cultivation base and method.

The Yolande in White Emperor City mainly cultivated a method related to enchanted barriers but the one in front of him used finger movements.

As he mulled this over, the orc on the battle stage suddenly let out an earth-shaking roar. He crazily rushed towards Yolande, his feet heavy and strong and the giant axe in his hand surging with gales of wind as he waved it around wildly.

The orc's heavy strength was a sharp contrast to Yolande's soft, lithe dodges. It was as if she was a leaf floating amidst a strong wind as she constantly shifted from left to right, avoiding the killer swing of her opponent's huge axe.

Olivia saw Zen's expression and smiled, "You seem to be worried about her?" she giggled on her sleeve. "There's no need to worry at all! Yolande… She's a very strange person."

Zen's brows furrowed at her statement. "Strange? How so?" he asked.

"She's been in the tower for six years and she's been stuck on the tenth floor for the longest time," Olivia said.

Zen's eyes widened in surprise. "Six years?! Stuck on the tenth floor?"

Olivia nodded, confirming her words. "She'll fight six matches a month and accumulate a lot of Lucky Light. I bet the amount she has obtained till now is enough to create around twenty war lords but she never refines it. Instead, she gives it all away to other people."

Zen was rendered speechless by Olivia's revelation. "She… She gives her Lucky Light away?" he repeated, almost choking in disbelief.

Olivia nodded, "Yes. Sometimes, when a human warrior challenges her, she immediately admits defeat. In this way, all her accumulated Lucky Light will automatically belong to the challenger."

Such a method was indeed feasible if one took a look at the rules of the tower, but what was Yolande's purpose in doing so? Why stay here on the tenth floor? Why remain as a tenth level war general? Why give away all the Lucky Light? What was her real purpose?

Warriors generally entered the Tower of Sin to rapidly improve their cultivation base through the use of Lucky Light. Yolande, however, seemed to be doing the exact opposite: she was actually freely giving her Lucky Light away!

Another question popped up in Zen's mind. "Since she has been able to stay in the Tower of Sin for so long, why would anyone still dare to challenge her?"

Olivia shrugged, "There will always be brave men in search of great reward," she said with a soft smile. "Yolande likes to amass an enormous amount of Lucky Light and, sometimes, people overestimate their own strength and challenge her thinking tha

y Light had been a huge contributing factor to be considered.

Yolande took a deep breath and gave Zen an ice-cold gaze, "The smell from your body is very good. I really like it."

Zen didn't really know what to reply. What kind of smell could he exactly have? Her actions made Zen certain that this Yolande and the Yolande in White Emperor City were not the same person but he got even more confused with this conclusion.

What then was the connection between the two Yolandes?

Despite the innumerable amount of people in this boundless universe, it was impossible for this to just be mere coincidence. Their names, appearance, clothing - everything was the same!

Olivia revealed a strange smile and shook her head, 'This young girl is truly a strange person, ' she thought to herself.

"Fight me. If you can beat me, I'll give you my Lucky Light," Yolande added.

Her words made him roll his eyes. He had no confidence in defeating her as of the moment though he might have a narrow victory if he activated his Stellar Body. However, he didn't really think there was a need to go so far since both of them were from the human race. Also, if Zen were to defeat Yolande, her Lucky Light would naturally belong to him. Why would he need her to gift it to him? It didn't make sense.

On the other hand, Dylon was puffing up his cheeks in jealousy, 'Where'd this guy even come from anyway?' he thought to himself. 'He probably doesn't even know Yolande, right? Even if a human war lord came over to her, Yolande wouldn't even spare a glance but now, she actually came over to talk to Zen. This doesn't make any sense at all! And she also told him he smells good? What kind of smell can a man have? Aren't all men just stinky?'

Zen shook his head. "I won't fight you," he said, refusing her offer.

"Why?" Yolande asked before staring at him intently.

"Where did you come from?" he asked, partly from curiosity and partly because he wanted to change the subject.

Yolande blinked before showing a rare, meaningful expression on her face, "You've seen me before?"

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