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   Chapter 838 Yolande (Part Two)

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Upon noticing this, Olivia did not seem to care about such trivial matters. It was quite the opposite, as she had spoken highly of Zen every time he was brought up in her conversations. This fact was infuriating to Dylon who picked up on the girl's unbridled excitement whenever she talked about Zen. Clearly irked by the recent development, Olivia paying attention to another man surprisingly left a sour taste in his mouth. These days, having a simple conversation with Olivia had been aggravating. This was because the girl always managed to avert whatever topic they were talking about into another discussion about the newcomer. Needless to say, Dylon always found himself gritting his teeth and glaring at his shoes after Olivia finished fussing over the other guy. With each passing day, he withheld his bitter jealousy to himself as it grew more and more.

What was more disheartening was that he had not thought of any effective methods to change his current fate. The young man had desperately cultivated during this period of time and within the last month alone, he ventured into the arena four times and won all of those four matches. If the circumstance had been exactly the same as it was in the past, such an impressive achievement would have already left the entirety of the Purple Heart Sacred Place absolutely speechless. In addition to this, the human race would have definitely praised him endlessly and even significantly rewarded him.

Unfortunately for him, all the attention of the people was all on the mighty Zen now, as if they had seemingly forgotten the existence of Dylon's divine-level talent and impeccable strength.

Upon discerning the sudden change of heart of the people lately, his displeasure was obvious in his face as he donned a stoic expression upon spotting Zen.

The structure of each floor inside the Tower of Sin was similar to its other floors. After having followed Olivia down the stairs and around a corner, they were immediately greeted with the sight of the large arena. Just by scanning his eyes across the arena, he felt a shiver from the bottom of his spine and he suppressed a sudden tremble.

Situated on the arena was a petite figure constantly moving around and hovering above in the air. Needless to say, the form attracted his attention to no end.

Tilting his head to one side, Zen mused that it must be a woman from the human race. The lady currently fighting in the arena was dressed in a colorful long skirt

ncing in the wind, as she nimbly avoided the forceful attacks of the orc's axe. With precision and grace exuding from her frame, her jade-like fair-skinned hand gently waved in the air. Interestingly, what she used to attack was not the power of her life vitality, nor had she summoned an enchanted barrier; it was more like a kind of finger movement.


Bursting forth from Yolande's finger was a forceful energy that heavily hit the orc's giant axe.

It was unknown to all of them how heavy the huge axe had been as it seemed to take great strength for the orc to hold it in an upright position. However, after being hit by the energy that sprouted from Yolande's finger, the top-grade fairy weapon was suddenly pitted all over on its previously sharp surface.

"Is her name really Yolande?"

The young man slowly asked with apprehension.

Nodding at the still man, she affirmed, "Yes". In the meantime, Olivia glanced at Zen in confusion, feeling a bout of oddness well up in her chest from Zen asking such a strange question. Since he knew Yolande's name from the start, why would he be so uncertain and have her confirm the name once again? Such thoughts echoed loudly in her mind as she tried to figure Zen out.

As a matter of fact, Zen was really not that sure himself.

The Yolande that was currently in his line of sight had the same name and appearance as the Yolande in his memories from the White Emperor City. Strangely, the Yolande before his very eyes made him feel distant. As he exhaled deeply and bit the inner side of cheek anxiously, he asked himself quietly one more time, "Are you really the Yolande I know?"

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