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   Chapter 837 Yolande (Part One)

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The process of becoming a war general from a simple war fighter was quite a complex one. It was equivalent to making a breakthrough in the Illuminating Soul Realm and reaching the Internal Elixir Realm.

However, it was not as easy as it sounded. If one wanted to take a significant leap forward and achieve the higher level, they would need to accumulate a considerable amount of Lucky Light.

In the Tower of Sin, it was certain that warriors were capable of growing at an incredibly fast pace. Although this was the case, even those saint-level talents would need to temper themselves through continuous fighting before they could take a step further and attain a higher level.

It was fortunate that Zen would be less likely to be spared from any challenge from now on and his speed of being promoted to the next floor drastically slowed down. Fortunately, the amount of light he had accumulated was steadily increasing. With a strategic planning, Zen did not rush into refining all of the Lucky Light he had acquired. Instead, he gathered them together and planned to utilize them to break through to become a war general.

In the hierarchy of the Tower of Sin, the martial artists on the seventh floor consisted of war generals ranging from the third level to the sixth level. As for the martial artists on the eighth floor, they were ranked marginally higher with them ranging from the fifth level up to the eighth level. Moreover, the ninth floor consisted of war generals of the seventh to tenth level.

As a matter of fact, it was not much of a challenge for Zen to conquer the first nine floors of the Tower of Sin with his current prowess and ability.

In spite of this, the trouble arose at the fact that these war generals came to challenge him one after the other, rarely giving Zen the chance to have a default victory. Naturally, he spent more energy than he intended to and thus, became more exhausted as time passed by.

This was because in the perspective of the war generals, they had only granted the individuals who were 'war lord' level masters to get the default victory. Moreover, the fact persisted that the war lords were much stronger than them, while Zen was just perceived to be a small war fighter. Although the strength he had d

e Purple Heart Sacred Place, they had been vigorously discussing almost daily about the human who suddenly showed up in the Tower of Sin and left them flabbergasted.

In order to boost up the moral within the place, the human race had made sure to dutifully record the scenes of Zen's battles with other races. Moreover, they proudly and religiously broadcast them through the Picture Slab that could be viewed by the entirety of the Purple Heart Sacred Place. Therefore, although Zen had never even stepped foot into the place, he had already become the role model for numerous human martial artists!

The obsession for Zen had continued to be unrelenting in the Purple Heart Sacred Place and there were absolutely no signs of it calming down in the slightest. On the contrary, Zen became more and more of a heated topic in the sacred place. With every passing day, there were even rumors spreading like wildfire through word of mouth about Zen possibly being the holy son of the human race. Little by little, such rumors enabled Zen to become a legendary figure in their minds.

Before Zen had emerged, Dylon and Olivia appeared to be a perfect match in people's eyes. Moreover, those two individuals were regarded as the most talented among the younger generation in the Purple Heart Sacred Place. However, it was acquiesced by all of them that Olivia's talent was marginally stronger than Dylon's.

Nowadays, with the arrival of Zen and the humans marveling at his strength, both of them were overshadowed.

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