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   Chapter 836 A Tenth-Level War Fighter

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Actually, the easiest way for Zen to proceed right now was to open the door and walk out.

Although in the dark, warriors were often assassinated even in the safe zone, on the surface, no race would dare to do such a thing.

If Zen was able to leave the practice room, the ogres would not be able to protect this assassin. In fact, the assassin's mission should already have been completed at this time. And it didn't matter whether he succeeded in assassinating Zen or not, because he was already a dead man.

"Aren't you afraid?" Zen suddenly asked.

"Afraid of what?" The Night Group assassin's shrill voice sounded.

"I am pretty sure you know that with your current strength level, you won't be able to assassinate me. What's more, in this narrow space, you are an even weaker match for me and will surely lose," Zen replied with a faint smile playing on his lips.

The assassin's face darkened. A trace of despair flashed across his small eyes. "If what you said is true, and since I am an expendable soldier they have trained, then it means that whether I succeed or not, I will die."

"They? Are you referring to the ogres?" Zen asked with a smile, gently turning his body to face the assassin.

The assassin didn't reply. In the kind of situation he was facing right now, it was meaningless for him to admit who his employers were. He didn't give up though. Instead, he prepared his strongest attack. The bone blade started to shine in his hand with a bewitching red light.

Any counterattack brewed from life essence was extremely powerful. The assassin had already wasted a perfect opportunity to assassinate Zen, so he would have to use his life for a second chance.

Seeing that the assassin was keeping silent, Zen continued, "I think we can make a deal."

"What kind of deal?" The assassin asked in a curious voice.

"Teach me your secret hiding technique, and I will let you go." The technique that the Night Group employed for hiding was very special. Not only did it prevent others from sensing the presence of the user, but it also allowed one to become temporarily invisible. Zen was deeply interested in it and wanted to learn how.

The assassin's eyes seemed to reveal an excited look for a moment.

After all, he was a mere expendable soldier. Ever since he became an assassin, he had been constantly instilled with the idea of sacrificing his life for the Night Group. However, the desire to survive was very deeply imprinted in the bones of quite a lot of creatures, and some of them would obviously go to extreme lengths to survive. Even expendable soldiers were known to often cower before their death. However, such hesitation usually came too late for them to have a choice of continued life.

It would have been an entirely different case if the assassin had been killed by Zen in one hit after he failed to complete his mission, but Zen was giving him a chance to live. It was like a drowning man had ca

s cultivation was, the higher his position would be. Every floor of the tower worked day and night according to the rules. If one was strong enough to obtain the Lucky Light, then his cultivation would quickly increase. The weaker ones would either stay stagnant at a certain floor and make no progress, or become stepping stones for other warriors.

From the sixth floor onwards, more and more war generals dared to challenge Zen.

Although many living creatures had come to know that Zen's strength was not ordinary, most war generals were unconvinced when they found out Zen's cultivation level and his race. How could a human war fighter reach the sixth floor?

Some radical war generals walked onto the arena.

However, Zen used his fist to tell them what he had relied on to get to the sixth floor.

There were many opponents who chose to challenge Zen, so it became increasingly difficult for him to obtain a default victory. He fought a total of seven matches and killed six creatures on the sixth floor, letting a human war fighter go. Seven days later, the creatures that had just become war generals finally understood that they could not stop Zen. In the next three days, Zen won the three required default victories, so he advanced to the seventh floor smoothly.

Ever since he had reached the sixth floor, he had gained more and more Lucky Light. After reaching the seventh floor, he once again entered the practice room to improve his cultivation level. He had accumulated quite a lot of Lucky Light this time. After refining the Lucky Light, Zen was able to enhance his cultivation directly from the 8th level to the 10th level!

He was now only one step away from becoming a war general!

Zen was looking forward to becoming a war general. If his cultivation reached the war general level, then he would be able to fight against the new war lords with his physical body. He was eager to show off his Transcendent Divine Might and Stellar Body.

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