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   Chapter 835 Assassin

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A trace of doubt appeared across Zen's face.

The Tower of Sin's structure was very special. It was said that if an object was placed anywhere inside the tower, it would slowly be devoured and then disappear.

The tower's appetite was voracious and would absorb anything whether it might be a spiritual weapon, a fairy weapon, or even a sacred weapon.

It was like a monster—a devourer of lifeless things.

The practicing rooms, arenas, and all other rooms had already existed way before and had not been built by the creatures of the Sea God Continent.

Despite the ravages of time, however, everything still looked good as new.

Zen entered the practicing room to find it empty. Upon stepping inside, however, he couldn't help but sense that there was something inside the room that he couldn't see.

His brows furrowed as he closed the door and found a place to sit.

The feeling did not subside so Zen continued to remain vigilant.

He could feel a special breath within this room!

However, he could not figure out where it exactly was even with his Fighting Soul. Whatever the hidden creature was, it undeniably had really strong hiding skills.

Though the Tower of Sin had strict rules regarding fighting and how it was forbidden in the safe zone, assassinations were still very much a thing.

Phoebe had warned Zen about this. Being in the limelight with the ogre who bore a grudge against him wasn't the most ideal situation.

Just as he thought about this, he immediately shot a glance at the corner. 'Is it there?' he thought. His gaze shifted around the room, feeling for that other presence, trying to pinpoint where it was.

He was now truly positive that there was another living, breathing being in the room with him but the question was where it was.

Where was it hiding? Where was it awaiting its opportunity to strike? "It doesn't matter. Whoever or whatever you are, you will surely attack me," he muttered to himself as his entire body tensed.

Zen was already on high alert despite looking relaxed in his place on the floor.

It wasn't just Zen. The Night Group assassin was also already feeling alarmed. The Night Group was comprised of assassins with the innate talent of hiding their breath.

Moreover, they practiced a special cultivation method that could manipulate the refraction of light rays leading to the deflection of their enemy's line of sight. This method made them virtually invisible to their opponent and target.

This particular assassin, however, was feeling extra nervous since Zen served as his greatest test in the Night Group.

For the members of the Night Group, the greatest and most dangerous mission they could ever undertake was the assassination of a person within the Tower of Sin.

The tower's rules were strict and even if he succeeded with his job, it was possible for him to be found out and chased

match that of a war lord. Despite his marvelous hiding skill, he proved to be too weak to even break through Zen's physical defenses.


Zen's hand had curled into a fist and a lightning-fast punch landed on the assassin's shoulder!

It was only a glancing blow but it was still able to shatter the assassin's shoulder blade.

Zen's punch had the assassin rolling away and crawling onto the wall. He had been caught off-guard but it was not over! He took his bone blade and spat a mouthful of blood onto it. The entire blade then began to emit a bewitching red mark, and at the same time, the assassin's eyes were also turning red making him appear as if he was a scorpion lurking on the wall.

Being a daredevil, he wouldn't sit still and wait helplessly for death to come at the crucial moment. Since he couldn't kill Zen in a single strike, he fell into an extremely disadvantageous position. If he wanted to turn the tide, he could only fight with Zen desperately!

"Did the ogre send you here?"

Zen asked.

The Night Group assassin narrowed his eyes. "Do you honestly think I'll answer you?"

Zen huffed, "I'm not really interested in knowing." As soon as he said that, Zen immediately rushed towards the assassin with a raised fist with the intent of punching him once again.

The assassin rapidly dodged and two loud bangs could be heard as Zen's fist hit the wall. However, the indentations on the wall rapidly disappeared.

This was the Tower of Sin's magic—it had the ability to quickly repair itself after being damaged. It was as if it wasn't a tower, but a person who had the ability of instant regeneration.

Had they been in any other ordinary building, the force of Zen's punch would've caused the entire structure to collapse.

The two kept chasing each other in circles. The assassin moved around Zen and tried to avoid him while Zen was hot at his heels with a faint smile on his face.

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