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   Chapter 834 Night Group (Part Two)

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Not a long moment had passed when their ears picked up on loud stomps rapidly approaching the room. An ogre war lord dressed in a cloak appeared at the entrance and while erratically breathing, the ogre stated, "The order to assassinate Zen has been sent out!"

"What do you mean!? Assassinate that guy?"

Boris, who had been quietly sitting on the corner of the room up until that moment, suddenly stood up and exclaimed.

A couple of sighs could be heard from a few of the ogres in the room as they glanced at Boris with an indifferent look. Just then, another ogre emerged from beside the ogre war lord dressed in a cloak. Without much preamble, the ogre spoke with a frigid tone, "Boris, you do not have the right to speak here!"

Even though the ogre had an implicit threatening tone, Boris showed no fear in retaliating with his own response. "When that guy enters the tenth floor, I will naturally end his life." He gritted his teeth with an obvious twitch on his eyebrow. "Why do we have to assassinate him?"

The ogre war lord dressed in a cloak continued to stare stonily at Boris. Now that Boris was considered as the divine-level talent in the Flaming Ogre Sacred Place, he dared to retort brashly to the war lord. If someone else were in his shoes, like an ordinary ogre war general for instance, he would definitely not risk the act of interrupting the war lord in the middle of him speaking.

"I understand your feelings, but this is an order from the top of the tower," the ogre war lord stated in a calm voice, barely suppressing the irritation from his voice. "This guy only has the cultivation base of a war fighter, but he has already caused enough trouble by bringing the war lords so much pressure." He crossed his arms against his brawny chest while he chastised Boris, looking at him pointedly. "If he were to be promoted to a human war general, I'm afraid it would be too difficult for us to suppress him then. Are you sure you are his match?" The ogre war lord finished as he tapped his foot impatiently.

"I can defeat him!"

Boris gritted his teeth as he spoke, balling his fists at his sides in agitation. 'Why couldn't they trust me just this once? I am certain I can kill him with my bare hands!' he thought to himself, furious at the idea of his fellow ogres underestimating his capabilities.

The ogre war lord sneered at the blatant protest Boris was displaying. "I believe your words, but it is useless. Zen shall be killed by the Night Group's death warriors!" he persistently declared and huffed before walking out of the room full of ogres.

The Night Group was a race that ranked sixth among all races on the Sea God Continent. Interestingly, their name was based on their members' movements, as they typically lurked during the day and only took action when the stil

for Zen, but after some reflection, he shrugged nonchalantly and ultimately decided on proceeding to the upper floors to seize the Lucky Light from those war generals.

Upon discovering that Zen had been recently qualified to go up to the fourth floor, Teresa, who stayed on the second floor, felt pessimistic at her chances. If Zen kept on climbing up at such an alarmingly fast speed, she was uncertain of the possibility that she could catch up to him. Just as she had obtained the qualification for going up to the third floor, she learned that Zen had already entered the fourth floor. Frowning, she also realized that even if she did manage to enter the fourth floor, Zen would probably have reached the fifth floor.

Letting out a desperate sigh, she only hoped that someone would suddenly appear to stop Zen momentarily, or at the very least, slow him down. Otherwise, she would never get the chance to challenge him again.

On the first day that Zen strode into the fourth floor, he was disappointed but not surprised by no one coming to challenge him. Shaking his head, he raised his eyebrows and smiled wryly; no one even made eye contact with him anymore. The young man continued to rent a secluded training room for his cultivation.

Moreover, what made Zen ultimately despondent was another reason altogether. Since he did not battle with anyone for three consecutive days, not only did he not obtain the Lucky Light, he did not even get any sliver of points. Zen was unhappily walking by himself and his mood worsened upon realizing he had to use the life vitality crystal to pay for the training room he had rented.

The exact moment Zen stepped foot into the training room, he paused at the doorway as his skin prickled with the sudden change of aura in the air. Scanning his eyes suspiciously, he swore he sensed a peculiar feeling coming from the room.

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