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   Chapter 833 Night Group (Part One)

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A hint of a smile worked its way onto Zen's face upon hearing the words spoken by Teresa. The woman appeared to be indignant as she stubbornly refused to accept her previous defeat.

Zen would gladly give her a chance to challenge him if he encountered her on the third or fourth floor of the tower.

As Zen stood on the stage and waited for a long time, it was to his relief that no one had come up to challenge him. In this particular circumstance, it meant that Zen could spend the whole day leisurely and get the default victory today due to the fact that he did not have to battle or challenge anyone.

One full day later, Zen found himself stepping once more onto the arena. It did not take too long this time before he successfully got the qualification to advance to the third floor, seeing as he had not fought with any brave challengers on the arena for the third time in a row. Anticipating the next floor, Zen was prepared to participate in the battles happening on the third floor.

A discernible fact about the Tower of Sin was that there were many war fighters dispersed on the first floor up to the fifth floor. However, it was apparent that the number of war generals evidently increased if one happened to ascend floor by floor. Moreover, the fifth floor and the subsequent higher floors were only swarmed with war generals, not a single war fighter in sight.

Due to the news spreading about Zen's arrival, there was palpable tension hanging in the air, as well as a slight commotion from the warriors situated on the first floor up to the fifth floor. The warriors who were currently challenging on the third floor were not fools, and they all instantly moved out of the way when they laid their eyes upon Zen as every single one of them knew of his reputation. Only a very few of the braver creatures on the floor attempted to challenge Zen.

As Zen continuously climbed up to the higher floors, he drew more and more attention to himself. The living creatures, most especially the human warriors were clearly intrigued by his presence. Many human war generals on the higher floors personally came down from their floors to witness Zen's battles, albeit only a few war fighters dared to challenge him. Furthermore, the few battles he had gone through were ex

on seeing the allied forces of various races make their way determinedly and passionately to the ogre's sacred places, the ogres finally understood that they had crossed the line and done some reckless things they wished that they should not have done in the first place.

Without any effective methods to resist the siege and the penetrating attacks of the other living creatures, the ogres begrudgingly opened the door of the Tower of Sin once again to the public. Moreover, they reluctantly gave up on some seats.

After the conclusion of the revolution against the ogre race, it appeared to be true that the distribution of power within the Tower of Sin was a microcosm of the entire Sea God Continent. However, the state of the human beings was drastically low as they were easily intimidated by the other more formidable races. As such, they did not have a high position in the Tower of Sin. On the other hand, the Demon Night was a very powerful and unbeatable race; no one dared to look down upon their skills in the Tower of Sin.

Although the ogre gave up on monopolizing the Tower of Sin, it was still a staggering fact that a significantly large portion of the tower was controlled by this race.

The decorations in this spacious room looked incredibly sparse and rough, a far cry from being considered as delicate or elegant. Scattered around the room were several ogres, with some of them sitting on the ground and some lying down haphazardly. The ogres seemed to be in the middle of a crucial discussion.

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