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   Chapter 832 The Smile

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Elder Jing's face broke into an even wider smile.

Zen's appearance gave him hope for the Purple Heart Sacred Place's destiny. Perhaps, with his presence, its state would finally improve.

The hundred clans were all fighting for supremacy in the Sea God Continent and there was hope for the humans to take back their place in the sun.

The human race had the capability of cultivating life vitality which gave them unparalleled superiority. Moreover, they had been able to produce two divine-level talents both 300 and 100 years ago, respectively.

These two divine-level talents that were produced had the highest chances of reaching the Soul Sea Realm.

Unfortunately, they weren't able to do so. The first divine-level talent was killed by another race the moment he left the Purple Heart Sacred Place while the other talent became really strong but then perished in the Dark Nether Cave. There was great opportunity but also great danger in the Dark Nether Cave that even war lords could face sudden death.

But Zen was, dare Elder Jing say it, different? His strength far exceeded that of an ordinary war fighter and had been enough to fight a tenth-grade general. To add to that, his soul seemed to be even strong enough to suppress a war lord.

This young man might just be the one to reach the Soul Sea Realm and when he did, he'd be unstoppable. By then, it was possible that nobody in the entire Sea God Continent would be able to curb his strength.

Because of the potential Elder Jing saw in Zen, he did not feel the need to restrict his assistance to the young man through the use of the many resources of the Purple Heart Sacred Place.

Elder Jing's purpose had been achieved after meeting with Zen. In fact, he actually wanted to go further and invite the young man into the Purple Heart Sacred Place. They had a transmission array that led to the Purple Heart Sacred Place in the Cursed Land and if the powerful ones in the Soul Sea Realm would be willing to lend Zen the Purple Heart Plate for his use, then it would be for the best!

However, he understood that such a thing was too much. Even divine-level talents did not receive such treatment and he did not really have a say on such matters, so he chose to just keep his mouth shut.

Just as he left with Olivia and the others, the young woman turned her head towards Zen, "You still don't know my name!"

Zen smiled pleasantly, "What's your name?"

Olivia returned his smile with her own. "Olivia Xia," she told him before leaving with Elder Jing.

Upon returning to his living quarters, Zen immediately rented a new cultivation room and continued refining the Lucky Light he had obtained from Teresa, which increased his cultivation at an extremely fast rate.

For Zen, the only way he would be able to fight Eddie and defeat him was through becoming a war lord.

Thus, his ultimate goal was to become a war lord in the Tower of Sin.

He had only experienced a few battles after entering the tower. He had fought with those war fighters on the first floor, while t


Her sudden appearance immediately made the other combatants shut their mouths.

They had forgotten that there was another fiend among them.

Zen scared them, but Teresa was no better. In any case, both of them were regarded as invincible among the war fighters, and one of them was in an extremely bad mood after suffering a loss. If she decided to vent her anger on them, they'd be facing a huge problem!

Such was always the case: the weak were always subject to the whims of the strong.

A war fighter on the first to fifth floors had a tragic fate: either they climbed up or stayed on their floors to become a stepping stone for others' advancement. The recent change of the tower rules actually worked in their favor.

In the past, there was no such thing as a default victory so the war generals would often farm points on the lower floors because it was the only way they could get promoted. The weaklings on the lower floors ended up as the war generals' tools in gaining points for advancement while the war lords preyed on the war generals.

Back then, the Tower of Sin was even more chaotic than it was now. There hadn't even been a designated safe zone! Talents could be killed at any time and the cruelest of them all had a full range in taking down whoever, whenever.

Teresa's appearance left a sour taste in Zen's mouth. 'Could it be that since I ended her default victory yesterday, she deliberately came out to cause trouble today? Does she think I won't kill her?'

His eyes sharpened with rage at the thought.

This intense look had Teresa's palms sweating, but she reeled it in. "I want to challenge you," she told him. "But not on the second floor. I'll let you ascend, and if I catch up to you, then I'll fight with you once again!"

Everyone present let out a collective sigh of relief. It seemed Teresa wasn't entirely stupid. Since Zen had let her go yesterday, challenging him the next day would be for naught. One would've thought she was courting death if she proceeded with fighting him again.

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