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   Chapter 831 Unbelievable

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It was known that one's aura depended on the strength of his or her soul. The stronger the soul was, the more oppressive one's aura would be.

As for Zen, he restrained his aura after his soul had entered the Fighting Soul Realm. Only strong warriors could see how powerful his soul was, whereas normal people wouldn't be able to detect it at all.

Souls at the Fighting Soul Realm were something that even war sages found difficult to obtain. The ones who could have them were only those who had stepped foot inside the Soul Sea Realm.

The tavern was full of chatter and the smell of food, when a sudden majestic aura burst out from Zen's body and spread everywhere like a tidal wave. The surge struck Don first, who was in front of him.

The surprise hit made Don's eyes widen to the size of saucers. The human war fighter in front of him was truly like a fearless beast.

But since Zen had just arrived at the Tower of Sin, he did not attack with his soul. Moreover, there were too few humans in the tower, which made attacking an impossible option. If the other races joined forces to assault him, Zen would surely lose.

After all, there were many level ten war lords as well in the Tower of Sin.

While Zen's aura exploded, his body also released the malicious aura stored in the Killing Sword Mountain. His soul pressure and surging malicious aura made him look like a god of slaughter.


A waiter with a jug of wine came over to serve drinks. When he sensed the aura Zen radiated, his knees buckled, then the jug in his hand fell to the floor and shattered into pieces. All the color was drained from his face as he clutched the table beside him to support himself.

What the waiter was hit with was only the tip of the iceberg. Zen's aura continued to burst forth to intimidate the two ogre war lords—Don and his companion.

At that moment, Don felt like his chest was being squeezed, making him unable to breathe. How did this young human have such a terrifying aura? On the other hand, Zen gradually increased his malicious aura. Don's entire body shook with fear and his teeth chattered loudly as he took two steps backward.

It seemed that Zen's method worked as both the ogre war lords trembled nervously. Both of them had just made a breakthrough and became war lords. They felt like they had touched upon a new domain and reached the upper echelon of the Tower of Sin.

In the Tower of Sin, war fighters were at the bottom, war generals were at the middle, and the war lords were at the upper echelon.

After Don and his companion became war lords, they heard rumors among the ogres that an extremely powerful human had appeared. With that, they thought t

fighter, won a "default victory."

However, Dylon had offended Zen right from the start.

And Zen was indeed cocky, as he didn't seem to take the Purple Heart Sacred Place seriously either.

However, Olivia, Dylon and the rest of their companions received news from the sacred place which asked them to keep a good relationship with Zen. If Zen could really grow, then he might be able to win another seat for the human race. All the races on the Sea God Continent considered the seats in the Tower of Sin of great importance.

When Olivia came into contact with Zen again, he had actually defeated Teresa, the divine-level talent of the Demon Night.

That was truly shocking. This surprising news made Olivia's heart tremble to the core.

Finally, she felt that there was now a man who could enter her heart.

So even though she was rightfully furious when Zen had considered her as a prostitute and asked her how much she could get for one night, she endured it in the end.

To a strong warrior, arrogance was not a foolish act—it was only his inherent pride.

At that point, Zen had already had a big place in Olivia's heart. She thought that even though Zen was only a level eight war fighter, he could probably fight against a level nine or even a level ten war general.

She felt that she might have overestimated Zen with that thought, but never had she expected Zen to successfully force two ogre war lords to retreat by just relying on his own aura.

That was simply unbelievable!

Suddenly, Zen became truly mysterious and even unattainable in her eyes.

Now, majority of the human talents came from the Purple Heart Sacred Place. The remaining human forces came from smaller sects that allied themselves to the sacred place. In that case, where did Zen come from?

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