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   Chapter 830 The Secret Of The Tower Of Sin

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The Tower of Sin was a giant building, but it was inverted. Its peak was deeply embedded into the ground.

If Zen wanted to reach the bottom of the tower, it basically meant that he had to enter the top floor.

"What's at the top of the tower?" Zen suddenly asked.

Immortal Mist had told him that there was an incomparably important and powerful inheritance at the bottom of the Tower of Sin, and for that very inheritance, Immortal Mist had even given up his right of reincarnation. There must be something very important there.

But Zen knew nothing about what it was.

"You don't know?" Elder Jing looked at Zen with a strange expression on his face.

Almost all of the sacred places on the Sea God Continent had been developed based on the Tower of Sin. Every single warrior on this continent knew that in order to reach a higher cultivation level, they needed to enter the Tower of Sin. Only by entering the top of the Tower of Sin would a warrior get a chance to stand at the top of this continent.

Even though Zen was not from the Purple Heart Sacred Place, how could he not know about the Tower of Sin?

The information wasn't a big secret, so Elder Jing immediately told him, "At the bottom of the Tower of Sin, there is a huge cave. We call it the Dark Nether Cave. It is filled with Dark Nether Death Light for almost the entire year. Even if a level ten war lord were to enter the cave during those times, he would be instantly killed by the Dark Nether Death Light."

"Dark Nether Death Light? It can instantly kill a level ten war lord?!" Zen exclaimed.

In the Cursed Land, the strongest warriors were level ten war lords only. War sages were unable to enter. Otherwise they would be killed instantly by the curse. Then who could enter the Dark Nether Cave without being killed?

Elder Jing saw Zen's doubtful expressions and immediately explained, "Because of the Dark Nether Death Light, we are unable to enter the Dark Nether Cave for most of the year. However, every year, for one single month, the Dark Nether Death Light gets greatly weakened. At that time, all races would enter the cave to look for opportunities."

The Tower of Sin was a very important building to every sacred place for two major reasons. First, it was a breeding place for warriors. As long as a warrior had both—a significantly high amount of talent, and a high cultivation level—he could use the Lucky Light obtained in the Tower of Sin to greatly improve himself. And the second reason was the Dark Nether Cave.

To date, the opportunities each sacred place had obtained from the Dark Nether Cave were unimaginable. For example, the Purple Heart Sacred Place was built by one of the human warriors, who had once obtained a seat in the Tower of Sin and foun

a few inches apart.

War fighters would probably shiver in the face of a war lord, especially after being oppressed by his soul pressure. It was highly likely that they would get injured.

Fighting was prohibited in the safe area. But the ogres were noted for their overbearing manners. Even if there was a dispute, the ogres involved would eventually get away with it unharmed. After all, they had twenty-six seats among the more than a hundred seats in the Tower of Sin.

Don had not intended to blow up the situation. He had only wanted to scare the shit out of this human brat.

However, Zen had had a faint smile on his face from beginning to end. He stared at Don as if he was not afraid of him at all, and then sneered, "You're merely a level one war lord. You think you are somebody? Your aura is even inferior to that of Boris. Other than your cultivation level, you are nothing."

When Elder Jing saw Zen's calm expression, he was both surprised and happy. What he didn't know was that, even a war sage from the Purple Heart Sacred Place wouldn't be able to suppress Zen with just his aura, let alone a mere war lord. The war sages of the Sea God Continent were at the same level as the warriors at the Life and Death Realm of the Central Region. Back in that place, Zen had remained unmoved even while facing Eddie's oppressive aura. So how could this war lord affect him?

"Arrogant!" Seeing that his aura was indeed unable to suppress Zen, Don felt somewhat helpless. It was just as the rumors said, Zen was indeed a monster.

"Arrogant? Ha-ha!" This time, it was Zen who laughed heartily. "Let me show you whether I'm arrogant or not. I'll let you feel the true aura I have!"

After saying that, Zen stared at Don, his eyes lighting up. With his soul at the Fighting Soul Realm, he could cast forth quite an intimating aura.

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