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   Chapter 828 The Seat (Part One)

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A bell rang in Zen's mind when he saw the woman's face. He recalled seeing her when he first stepped into the Tower of Sin.

The first time that Zen saw this woman, she was standing next to the human war general named Dylon. However, that time, she was completely silent during Zen's unpleasant encounter with Dylon.

The famous Purple Heart Sacred Place might be a prominent place, but it didn't leave a good impression on Zen. If the place was full of idiots like Dylon, he thought that there was no need to have further contact with any of these idiots again.

Therefore, when the woman approached him, he instantly felt annoyed and acted rudely.

The woman's name was Olivia Xia, and she was extremely angry at Zen's attitude.

She was a ninth level war general of the Purple Heart Sacred Place and deserved a better treatment. Yet, Zen regarded her as a prostitute. A woman of her status must be treated with utmost respect and she couldn't tolerate the disrespect of Zen towards her.

However, she also couldn't afford to lose her composure. She tried to suppress the fury in her heart. She took a deep breath and heaved heavily. Soon enough, the anger in her eyes disappeared. Then she suddenly started laughing, "Ha-ha! I'll tell you now, I don't think someone like you can afford me. I am quite expensive. Better yet, I am priceless!"

Olivia was more tolerant toward Zen's unfriendly manners. Unlike Dylon who was extremely insolent in front of Zen, she was treating Zen much better than Dylon had been with him. Zen was caught off guard by the "kindness" that Olivia was showing him. He thought that there was no need for him to continue with such vulgar joke and he wasn't the type who would be enchanted by a beautiful wo

other creatures in the Tower of Sin.

To Olivia's knowledge, the elders of the Purple Heart Sacred Place had already given the order to support Zen and offer him the chance to receive better training for cultivation.

Once Zen became a war general, he might become the motivation for the younger generation of humans. His presence might give them the confidence to strive forward. And once Zen became a war lord, it might even help the humans to obtain a new seat in the Tower of Sin.

This was the only reason why Olivia Xia was able to tolerate Zen's rudeness towards her.

"It's our human war lord, Elder Jing, who wants to see you," Olivia answered honestly.

Zen nodded and said, "Go on, lead the way! Let's get this over with!"

They followed Olivia and went forward. It was a long walk. There were a lot of turns through the living area before they arrived at a tavern.

The living area was well-equipped with almost everything one could wish for. Many races had businesses there that offered various services. There were taverns, gambling stalls, and brothels on practically every floor! Whatever you wanted, you could get in the living area.

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