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   Chapter 827 The Heavenly Kill

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Zen was very clear about his goal.

His first purpose of coming to the Tower of Sin was to cultivate himself. His second objective was to obtain inheritance of the Tower of Sin.

The ogre and the Demon Night were both top races of the Sea God Continent, while humans seemed to be incomparably weak here. As soon as Zen arrived on the Sea God Continent, he had invited the enmity of the ogres. But he wasn't stupid to feud with the Demon Night.

Although Zen had used the blade of his sword to hit Teresa on the butt, the force of the blow was still quite heavy. Teresa staggered and pounced forward, looking quite embarrassed.

The members of the Demon Night were always elegant and proud. They would never allow themselves to be humiliated in front of everyone like this. The moment Teresa reached the ground, she pushed against it, nimble as a reptile, and turned over, wanting to fight back.


But Zen was fast.

The sword had already reached Teresa's snow-white neck, the tip of the sword pulsing with energy. If Zen were to raise his hand and move the sharp sacred weapon a bit, it could probably cut Teresa's head off.

Teresa was angry and embarrassed, but she wasn't stupid. She had read the rules of the Tower of Sin countless times before she came here and understood them quite well.

She was powerful, noble, and respected in the sacred place. No one would dare take her life there. But on the arena, no one could protect her, even if the Demon Night won many seats in the Tower of Sin. The rules were set by a lot of races, and it was impossible for anyone to change them just for a divine-level talent like her.

If Zen managed to kill her, the Demon Night would avenge her. But they couldn't bring her back to life anyway.

"Admit defeat and I won't kill you," Zen said calmly. It wasn't that he didn't know how to show mercy to a woman. But right now, the slightest carelessness on his part could lead to his death. Still, he was kind enough to be willing to let her off.

"I... I admit you've defeated me," Teresa said, grasping the situation despite her obvious resentment.

In a flash, the Lucky Light of Teresa's token shot into Zen's token.

The Lucky Light was a reward to the victor. And the amount of Lucky Light that the victor could get depended on the opponent's Lucky Light.

Teresa was a war general of the Demon Night, one who was skillful in battle. The only people who had dared challenge her were war generals; some even those of a higher level. So the amount of Lucky Light that Zen got from Teresa was ten times more than before.

Thus it was good to have high cultivation bases. When Zen had entered the first floor of the Tower of Sin, those who had dared challenge him were all war fighters who had small amounts of Lucky Light and only earned few points.

Teresa glared viciously at Zen and walked out of the arena.

Phoebe heaved a sigh of relief. B

ut it looked like his advice was useless. In the end, the Demon Night war lord could only sigh. But luckily, Zen did not seem to have any intention of killing Teresa.

Teresa was just too arrogant. It was probably good for her to taste defeat during the battle in the Tower of Sin. This experience could be considered exercise for her warrior spirit.

Since no one had challenged Zen, he left the arena, and Phoebe followed closely behind him.

Just like Teresa, Zen also wanted to get to the top floor of the Tower of Sin as soon as possible. He had no interest in fighting with those war fighters, but according to the rules of the Tower of Sin, he had no choice.

This time, when Zen arrived at the living quarters on the second floor, he saw quite a few women by the side.

There were women of all races, including ogres, orcs, human beings and other races. There were even women from the Demon Night!

These women were all dressed sexily, their curvaceous figures tempting the senses in the most primitive of ways.

"These women..." Zen looked at them, confused.

"Prostitutes," Phoebe replied bluntly. "Warriors are stressed in the Tower of Sin, and all of them try to relieve the pressure by having fun with these prostitutes. From the first floor to the tenth floor, prostitutes are very common on each floor."

Zen curled his lips. In addition to those human and Demon Night prostitutes, there were even prostitutes from the orc and the ogre. Naturally, Zen couldn't accept their ugly appearances.

He couldn't bear to stay here any longer. Just as he was about to leave, a human woman walked out from the other side and blocked his path. She smiled up at him. "Hey! Someone wants to have a good talk with you."

The woman was a perfect beauty. Zen faintly smiled at her and asked, "How many life vitality crystals can you get for one night?"

The woman became furious at Zen's words, her face showing the extent of her anger.

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