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   Chapter 826 The Unforeseen Result

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Teresa's goal was to reach the tenth floor of the Tower of Sin in one and a half months.

According to the rules of the Tower of Sin, the quickest time for one to advance to the tenth floor was one month. This individual needed to be so strong that no one dared to challenge him from the first day that he entered the tower.

In the past, a few creatures had advanced to the tenth floor in one month, but they were all war lords.

Some talents from different races stayed in seclusion in their respective sacred places to cultivate until they became war lords. Once they reached this cultivation level, they would enter the Tower of Sin to gain experience.

War fighters stayed on the first five floors, while war generals fought on the sixth to the tenth floors.

No other creatures would dare to challenge these war lords except if they met their peers on the way to the top of the tower. With no opponents for a month, they could reach the tenth floor as fast as they could.

However, a war general like Teresa had a slim chance of reaching the tenth floor in a month. This was because her peers were likely to fight their ways to higher floors. And it didn't matter whether they could defeat Teresa or not, they would all make her have to waste a few days.

Teresa had no problem encountering other war generals because she had to respect the rules. She had even spared 15 days just to deal with these idiots.

She always had it easy because the war generals she had encountered so far were weaklings.

However, the guy in front of her was different. He was a war fighter of the eighth level. And what was more fascinating for Teresa was that he was a human!

Since when did cowardly humans have the courage to challenge the noble Demon Night?

Teresa's beautiful eyes exuded strong killing intent. The killing intent and her perfect face would cause one's heart to palpitate with fear. The metaphor of these two different feelings would create a huge gap and would cause everyone to feel a special feeling.

"You're truly worthy of being a near-perfect race. Every woman of the Demonic Night is a stunning beauty," Zen said, slowly drawing his sword.

"Is that a sacred weapon?" Teresa cocked her slender eyebrows that were like willow leaves. "When did the Purple Heart Sacred Place become so generous that they gave a sacred weapon to a war fighter?"

Swoosh! Zen brandished his sword and said with a faint smile, "I'm not from the Purple Heart Sacred Place."

Teresa laughed coldly and said, "Well, it doesn't matter who you are! All I know is that you're no match for me!"

She lightly tiptoed, and like a mother leopard, she suddenly rushed out. The forceful energy within her body released a faint light, setting off her graceful silhouette on the arena.

"You're very agile." Zen smiled, his long sword slightly twisted. He was still using the basic swordsmanship.

As Zen continued to improve his basic swordsmanship, the sword moves were also slowly evolving.


However, Teresa didn't succeed. Zen lowered his head to dodge, and then turned around and brandished his long sword, the blade of the sword slashing horizontally at Teresa's buttocks.

As this event unfolded, Phoebe became anxious and even screamed. She covered her mouth not to distract Zen from his fight.

Meanwhile, in the spectator stands, someone suddenly stood up. He was a war lord from the Demon Night.

As a divine-level talent of the Demon Night's sacred place, it was impossible for Teresa to enter the Tower of Sin on her own. Therefore, she had elders of her race to protect her all the way.

According to the war lord's assessment, Teresa wouldn't have any trouble completing the first nine floors of the tower with her current strength and power.

But as for the human brat challenging Teresa, the war lord had a bad feeling about him. It was already strange that he had a girl from the Demon Night following him given that he was just an ordinary war fighter. Even a tenth-level war general was no match for Teresa. Any cultivator superior to Zen wouldn't even dare to challenge Teresa, so naturally, the war lord wasn't worried at all. Humans were naturally weak!

To his surprise, however, Zen managed to resist Teresa's attacks. As Zen's sword slashed at Teresa's buttocks, his mind went blank. With the sharpness of the sacred weapon in Zen's hand, he could have cut Teresa in half. He couldn't afford to let Teresa die because there was no way he could explain it to the clan elders.

The expressions on the other creatures' faces in the spectator stands were also vivid.

The majority of them could not believe what had just happened.

How could it be that there was a talent of this level among the weak humans of the Sea God Continent? They wondered whether they were mistaken, but Zen was no doubt a human war fighter.


Zen turned his sword slightly, using the blade to hit Teresa's buttocks, instead of cutting them.

He let go of Teresa this time.

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