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   Chapter 825 Refining The Body With Star Power

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After a long and tiring journey, Zen slowly retracted his consciousness from the universe and stopped his meditation.

As his consciousness fell back inside, a tremor suddenly hit Zen's still body, after which, he took a deep breath and opened his eyes, looking at the sky full of stars.

Phoebe maintained a distance of over ten feet from Zen. Her slender body was leaning on the edge of a building as her beautiful eyes quietly stared at the remarkable young man in front of her. She could feel that there was something strange about Zen, but she could not pinpoint exactly what it was.

"Was it fun to roam about in the great universe?" The red dragon laughed and asked as he sensed Zen come back.

In the universe, Zen had received quite a lot of shocks and was still pondering over them. At this very moment too, his consciousness was still communicating with the light purple star. He tilted his head and looked at a certain corner of the sky.

Thanks to his astonishing eyesight, he was able to distinguish the light purple star in a single glance.

"I've established a connection with a star, how can I draw upon its power?" Zen asked.

"What!? You succeeded at your first attempt only?" The red dragon ejaculated in shock.

It had taken the red dragon a full five years to communicate with the stars for the first time!

It was said to be almost impossible to tame a star, and it was even more difficult to establish a connection with the star. In order to communicate with the stars, the red dragon had traveled in the universe for a total of five years, before he finally found a star willing to connect with him.

However, it was totally different in Zen's case! It didn't even take him a single day! The very first time he had traversed through the great universe, Zen had managed to obtain the acceptance of a star. When he came to know about this, the red dragon was nearly speechless with shock.

At that time, the cyan dragon laughed and remarked lightly, "Brother, don't forget, this is Zen's fate in play."

"Ha-ha, you are right!" The red dragon had almost forgotten that Zen was blessed with the fate of a man who was destined to fight and win in this world.

The Genuine Dragon race was very strong, and the red dragon's strength back then had been unimaginably strong. But, even today, his destiny was not necessarily better than Zen's.

All those warriors in the world who possessed the fate to fight were said to be the favored ones of the world. This meant that very few creatures could have better destiny and luck than Zen did.

Now that Zen had obtained the approval of a star, he would be able to draw out its star power.

According to the methods mentioned in the Stellar Body, Zen tried to communicate with the star with his mind. The star at the edge of the sky suddenly started twinkling in response, and a faint starlight appeared on the surface of Zen's body.

Standing not far away from him, Phoebe's eyes abruptly went wide in shock when she noticed the change in Zen's body!

She obviously couldn't understand why a faint light had suddenly appeared on Zen's body. Although Phoebe didn't know the fact that this light came from a star,

a was very dissatisfied with the rules of the Tower of Sin. Why did she have to attain a default victory for three consecutive days before being able to advance to the next floor? This was wasting her time!

Her goal was to enter the tenth floor as quickly as possible. Considering her strength, she would be able to obtain the highest amount of Lucky Light by staying on the tenth floor. Her cultivation speed would also be the fastest.

What annoyed Teresa most was that she had previously been in the second floor with two days of default victory, but on the third day, a fool had stepped onto the stage and challenged her. In her fury, Teresa had killed the challenger in an instant! But now that the third day was not a default victory, she had to wait another three days.

It was a good thing that her last instant kill was quite intimidating. Finally, no more fool dared to challenge her. She only needed to wait a little longer before obtaining the qualification to ascend to the third floor!

However, right at that moment, a figure walked onto the arena. It was no one other than Zen himself.

Teresa did not want anyone to appear on the arena not because she was afraid of any opponent on this floor. The real reason was that regardless of the strength of her opponent, the rules stated that she had to start her round of three consecutive days of default victory once again if anyone challenged her. This meant that she would have to wait for three more days before she could enter the third floor of the Tower of Sin!

For that reason alone, when she saw Zen walk onto the stage, Teresa was about to go crazy.

She sized up Zen from head to toe, her gaze frosty in her fury. "I see that there is yet another stupid war fighter who wants to challenge me to a battle! It seems like my tactics last time weren't cruel enough and didn't teach you guys a painful enough lesson. This time, it is going to be even more ruthless!"

"I wonder just how ruthless it will be?" Zen smiled.

Teresa took out a short dagger from her space ring and coldly replied, "Ruthless enough to send you into the deepest pits of despair!"

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