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   Chapter 824 Communicating With The Stars

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At this moment, Zen was just a wisp of consciousness, not breathing, not comprehending. He was only instinctively reacting to the shocking scene that was playing out in front of him.

He had never imagined that such a huge beast could exist in this world!

Although there were nine Genuine Dragons in Zen's mind, they existed in a form that concealed their sizes from Zen. But he guessed that even those nine Genuine Dragons would not be as big as the giant beast.

How could such a huge beast even survive? Wouldn't it have destroyed countless worlds if it had kept moving like this? What did it eat? And how did it grow so big?

There were no answers to these questions.

Since Zen's consciousness was out of his body, he couldn't ask the cyan dragon all this. It looked like he would have to wait till his consciousness returned to his body before he could ask his questions.

Zen was worried.

The incredibly giant beast was not far from the world Zen was in. He was not clear about the giant beast's destination, but if it turned even a little, it would pass through the world Zen was in and crush it in a single step.

Zen smiled rather helplessly as the thought crossed his mind.

In this boundless universe, he was too minuscule, even smaller than a grain of sand.

Even in the world he was in, he was only one in a trillion.

As he ascended, Zen saw a large, grayish-brown tree growing on the densely packed scales. The root of the large tree had dozens of "scales" running through it. This meant that just the root itself could penetrate dozens of worlds.

The height of the tree was even more frightening. It was at least a hundred times taller than its rhizome.

If the tree were to fall, it would probably get through thousands of worlds in a second. And when you considered the trunk's width, this number would probably multiply ten times.

Zen could only sigh.

The speed at which his consciousness leaped was still increasing. He further sped up as he distanced himself from the densely packed scales. At the same time, he discovered more things like an immeasurably huge mountain and the Stonehenge on the scales.

Suddenly, Zen felt an abnormal fit of oscillation from the universe before him.

He looked up and spotted a pitch black thing, continuously rotating, not far to his left.


That was the only word he could use to describe it.

In reality, it wouldn't even have a color because it was onl

'Feels like I am too greedy, ' Zen thought faintly.

In the end, he gave up searching for a new star. He had established a connection the first time he had communicated with a star. That was a good enough result for the time being.

Travelling through the void with his consciousness had been an unimaginable feat for him. But he had used the secret technique of the transcendent divine might and managed to do it.

During the journey back, his gaze was once again focused on those densely packed scales. At the moment, he was extremely far from those scales and was unable to see the end of them. This was because the end was completely covered in darkness, as if it was in a faraway place that could not even be reached by light.

'The boundless universe is connected to the boundless universe. Since there are millions of great worlds, what is at the end of the millions of great worlds?'

Zen shook his head, his mind reeling from his thoughts and rendering him unable to explore the question any further.

The Stellar Body seemed to employ a secret technique that borrowed gravity from the stars to pull his consciousness out. That was probably why he could maintain such a high speed as he approached the stars and touch the gravity of the stars, as he shuttled back and forth between them.

However, Zen couldn't roam the Great Void with his own power. He wouldn't be able to explore the distant deep space and the edge of the boundless universe with his current strength.

He wasn't sure how strong he would have to become to be able to use his physical body to travel through the Great Void and explore the endless space.

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