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   Chapter 823 The Big World (Part Two)

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Shaking his head dazedly, he looked over at another side and saw something much more peculiar and astounding than the sight he had seen just a moment ago. "Eh? There is another continent?!" he exclaimed, eyes wide as saucers at the new information. Due to the visual that captivated him and caught his undivided attention, he was absolutely certain that this unknown continent was even a hundred times bigger than the entirety of the four divine kingdoms! Scanning his eyes back and forth between this continent and the others, Zen found that the Central Region, the four divine kingdoms, and even the formidable Sea God Continent were like islands rather than continents. It was an undeniable fact that all of them looked insignificant compared to the former. "What is that place, anyway?" Zen asked out of curiosity, somehow mesmerized and intrigued by the huge continent he had little to no knowledge of before that very moment.

Needless to say, he was without a doubt, awfully curious about the Upper World and what was in it.

The Upper World possessed over one hundred thousand great worlds and tens of thousands of varying races. Although the place was clearly abundant, Zen, upon taking a good look at the world where he had lived in, realized with a sinking feeling that he did not actually know much about the place he had stayed in all those years.

Progressively flying farther away made the continents look smaller in comparison until they became vague shapes in the distance. As Zen's consciousness suddenly accelerated, he rose infinitely, not really knowing where it would take him.

"The gale!" the man cried out upon sensing the forceful current of air approaching his form.

In the blink of an eye, a huge mass of intense wind appeared around Zen and revolved ruthlessly everywhere he could lay his eyes upon.

With his forehead creasing in worry, Zen noticed the gusts of howling wind were seemingly able to break everything they came into contact with to shambles. Moreover, he observed that when the masses of strong gale collided with each other, a penetrating boom was emitted, as the collision created even more dangerous gales. The sight reminded Zen of a terrible tornado except this was ten times more distressing; the windstorms exponentially grew, constantly dissipating and colliding with each other which endlessly produced more intense wind.

No one below, not even Zen, was well-informed of the existence of such terrifying gales. Perhaps these occurrences had existed ever since the infinite universe came to be, which did not remove the fact that not a single being had ever been able to penetrate such a disarming layer of gale.

Even if Zen's body, which was a top-grade fairy weapon, was drawn into the immensely strong wind, it was highly likely that he would be ground into fine powder by the sheer force of it.

However, Zen glanced down and instantly remembered that he was not in his physical body. Exhaling inaudibly, he was suddenly grateful that he did not have to experience being pushed and pulled by the harsh gusts of wind.

Feeling relieved, Zen bore in mind that he was currently just

managed to look back once more at the world below, locking his gaze on the world he had left.

Biting his lip restlessly, it was instantly evident that there existed multiple worlds that could be linked with one another. Each of these worlds was merely separated by four thick wall-like mists, just like what he had observed surrounding his own world. If one was to look as far as Zen was able to, the worlds that interconnected with its neighboring worlds appeared like menacing scales on the hide of some vicious beast.

"What is that?" He examined the being with prying eyes, oddly intrigued and horrorstruck by the thing.

Taken aback, Zen eventually figured out that there was indeed a giant intimidating beast that stayed on those scales!

The gigantic monster was completely coated in black, as if it was born directly out of the stillness of the night. Its appearance was eerily similar to that of a humongous turtle as it crawled slowly, seemingly able to absorb any form of light if one happened to pass by it.

Despite being extremely threatened at the sight of such a terrible creature, Zen still marveled at the unknown beast, most especially its remarkable scales.

Dumbfounded, Zen finally became aware of the fact that every diamond-shaped scale was actually a singular world. As the giant beast covered over a dozen scales, it meant that it also covered over a dozen distinguished worlds. The actuality that the turtle-like being was even crawling while it had multiple worlds under it was all the more astounding to Zen.

Dazedly looking at the crawling creature, the realization sunk in the pit of his stomach like an unsettled stone in the middle of a raging river. With such a massive body that was ultimately larger than a dozen worlds combined, it was very much possible that it could easily crush a world with a single stomp of its colossal feet.

The man's breath was stuck in his throat as he became speechless at the scene in front of him. As his astonishment reached its peak level, Zen merely blinked at the beast, a wave of shock washing over his very being.

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