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   Chapter 822 The Big World (Part One)

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The mystery of the Transcendent Divine Might was truly far beyond what Zen could have ever imagined.

Scattered across the vast sky were countless twinkling stars that seemed to wink at him, and mischievous lights that were probably no less than trillions of miles away from his grasp. Even if Zen determinedly journeyed for millions of years, the odds of reaching the nearest star he could see in the distance would still be low.

However hopeless his goal of reaching the glimmering stars might have been, the general guide of the Transcendent Divine Might enabled him to regain his optimism. This was due to the unbelievable fact that there was now a way to communicate with those far-off stars and trigger their formidable powers.

Just by that detail alone, Zen could tell that it was almost inconceivable to even think of.

According to the records that came with the general guide, it firmly stated the more stars one could connect with in a moment, the more star power an individual could ultimately draw and initiate. Furthermore, the power mobilized for the Stellar Body could also become much stronger.

Among the mysteries of the Transcendent Divine Might was the secret method located in the general guide for the Stellar Body, which was able to utilize the abilities of the soul to comprehend such distant stars. Although he had found the long awaited secret, Zen still found it abnormally mysterious and surreptitious to believe.

There were many aspects of the world that humans had a definite knowledge of, like having a sense of everything that existed and that included objects as large as the Tower of Sin standing proudly in front of Zen and things as tiny as insects fluttering about in the stale wind. Moreover, people grasped the realities of the things they could see closely in their everyday lives such as towering trees and moving people, as well as things like the glimmering lights of the stars in the vast atmosphere.

Although it was true that humans could see innumerable celestial bodies, their perception of the stars was insubstantial at best. Except for being able to observe their faint radiance, no one could simply obtain any significant information regarding a particular star. Questions such as how their powers could be used and how to properly activate them had existed persistently generation after generation with not so much of an accurate theory withstanding the test of time.

Confusion and doubt regarding the stars had never solved their on


The man did not have to wait long before even the Sea God Continent appeared smaller and smaller. The young man currently fascinated by the scenery compared the sight to a boat seamlessly floating above the endless ocean.

"So huge..." Zen mumbled, awestruck at what his formless consciousness had brought him to witness.

Reflecting by himself with nostalgia running deep within his bones, he realized with a start that the great world was much larger and more magnificent than what he could have ever imagined. Nothing could have defeated this kind of experience as he was suddenly blessed with seeing the great world in all its glory.

As Zen's consciousness continued to lengthen and reach even farther, he estimated that about seven or eight continents materialized above the limitless body of water which made him see more of what they had occupied as he rose higher. Reaching an impressive height, he distinguished the continents from one another which were separated from each other by a great distance.

Narrowing his eyes from his spirit form, his gaze locked on one specific continent and promptly gasped. "That is... Central Region!"

The man was clearly surprised and startled by the sight as his heart rate picked up erratically. Among these seven or eight continents, the Central Region was probably the smallest continent in terms of area. The Chaotic Ocean of Stars was right beside the Central Region, and the four divine kingdoms were just right by the Chaotic Ocean of Stars. With another jolt, he quickly came upon the realization that the four divine kingdoms' total territory was over ten times bigger than the Central Region!

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